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Dragon Ball Super adventure island code on Fortnite, how to get it?

 Dragon Ball Super is coming to Fortnite with new events like Adventure Island on August 19, 2022, but what's the code to get there?

Dragon Ball Super adventure island code on Fortnite, how to get it?

After Naruto, Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, and Beerus are appearing in Fortnite on August 16, 2022! For the occasion, a multitude of new features has been added to the game, such as the Tournament of the Strongest, the possibility of viewing Dragon Ball Super episodes directly in-game, and even using the Kaméhaméha!

You can also go in search of Dragon Balls during this event to try to win different rewards. It is from August 19, 2022, that you will be able to visit the island of adventure and participate in the various quests that await you.

What is the island code to go to the Adventure Island in Fortnite?

Update Aug 19, 4:01 PM: Fortnite's Island of Adventure code has finally been revealed by Epic Games: 5642-8525-5429.

As you may have read previously, Dragon Ball is coming to Fortnite and challenges you to collect the 7 Dragon Balls to win various rewards during the “ Unleash your power ” event. Seven sets of quests are available until August 30, 2022, and will allow you to obtain the different Dragon Balls. The more you collect, the more you unlock rewards like the Dragon Radar Back, Emotes, Aerosols, Battle Pass Tiers, and even the Shenron Glider if you complete them all!

To be able to complete these quests you will have to go to the island of adventure, an island inspired by the emblematic places of Dragon Ball. For example, you can race the rings on a magic cloud or try obstacle courses in the room of spirit and time. The island will be accessible from August 19, 2022, in the discover menu or via the following island code: Not yet available. (We will add the code as soon as it is shared by Fortnite). As of August 19 at 11 a.m., the code is still not available.