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Everything you need to know about Gus in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley, the Starfruit Hall is the main meeting point for the villagers in the farm simulator developed by ConcernedApe, where its owner Gus lives and works, and offers varieties of food and their recipes for sale. In addition, the place is frequented by singles available to marry, it contains recreation elements, record players, and vending machines with Joja products.

things you need to know

He is frequently found in the Hall with Emily and sometimes Pam; but until noon or on Monday mornings, he is seen in Pierre's Store examining products. He also has an annual checkup every Fall 4th at the Harvey Clinic.

To raise the level of friendship with Gus you must give him gifts on a regular basis, he loves to receive Diamonds, Fish Tacos, and Oranges as gifts. He doesn't like Clay, Crab, and Chives, but the worst items to send him are Bat Wings, Carp, Coleslaw, and Seaweed, so never send this to him.

Everything you need to know about Gus in Stardew Valley

Starting with three hearts in the Friendship bar, Gus can start mailing his prized recipes like Cranberry Sauce, which he shares only with close friends; it grants 125 Energy and 56 Health. The chances of receiving gifts increases with each level of friendship.

Gus is available in five different missions, he mostly requests items like Lobsters or Coconut, which he needs to cook some of his recipes, his rewards vary from 400g to 600g. On the board outside the general store, he will request a random item and the prize will be three times the base value of the item, plus it will award 150 friendship points.