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Everything you need to know about Haley in Stardew Valley

 The most popular girl in school, cocky and somewhat self-centered, Hayley can surprise you with a drastic change in her personality as you improve your relationship with her. She is young, attractive, and also somewhat shallow, but she can turn into a very nice person; the character is a choice among the twelve candidates available to marry in the Stardew Valley video game.

How to conquer his heart?

Haley lives with her sister Emily in Willow Lane, which she takes care of because their parents travel a lot. She can be found walking around the city and on rainy nights or days, she will be at home. She enjoys taking pictures of nature and although she is a fan of fashion, she gradually becomes interested in life on the Farm.

The progress of this character is curious, as a fashion fanatic she used to splurge on expensive clothes and really enjoyed going shopping at the mall, she also complained about how small the town is. From seven to ten hearts of Friendship, she begins to be more cheerful and kind, she also acquires values ​​such as empathy and donates her clothes to Charity that is part of the villagers, she also likes to think of the unity of her community.

Everything you need to know about Haley in Stardew Valley

She loves receiving Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, and Sunflowers as gifts, she also mentions that she likes Mint Coffee, but it can't be elaborate. He doesn't like building or fishing materials, he hates Clay, Prismatic Shard, and Wild Radish.

As a wife, she has a garden with two palm trees that she enjoys photographing, she helps with the farm chores, she will cook Fried Eggs or Bread for breakfast and she will take care of the Bean Stew for dinner. With this character, you can also have children.