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Everything you need to know about Kent in Stardew Valley

 After a year of serving in the military, Kent joins the roster of Pelican Town villagers when he returns to live in the town during the spring of year two, he also becomes one of the characters the player can relate to in Stardew Valley. . He lives on Willow Road with his wife Jodi and his sons Sam and Vicent, who have been waiting for his arrival for some time.

character trivia

Kent is a soldier who has developed PTSD due to his years in the war, he doesn't usually mingle with other villagers and is usually in the tree in front of his house. He is estimated to be a Corporal and it is even believed that he could be Canadian due to the fact that his rank is sewn exactly the same.

In Friendship level 3, Kent is startled by the sound of popcorn cooking, reminding him of the loss of his friends when he was in the trenches. Later he gets to express his dislike for the open fields in the Dance of the Flowers and also has a dialogue where he talks about his trouble sleeping.

Everything you need to know about Kent in Stardew Valley

However, the character hinted at his return and feelings in a letter from the bedroom drawer at 1 Willow Lane; in it he expresses his changes due to the difficult times he has been through. She can be accessed at Friendship level 2 with Jodi. To increase her friendship, she considers her birthday to be spring 4 and remembers her favorite gifts such as Hazelnuts and Toast. She dislikes Quartz and detests Holly and Sashini. When you have 4 hearts, he can send you Cherry Bombs and Mega Bombs.