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Everything you need to know about Leah in Stardew Valley

 Leah is a young artist who lives alone in a small cabin in Cinderella Forest, on the outskirts of Pelican Town. She wakes up early to sculpt, carve and paint her works, but although she has this great talent she lacks the ability to show it off, contrary to what she thought, which makes her feel ashamed.

How to marry Leah?

Leah is one of the characters available to marry in Stardew Valley, like others, she has 5 special events with which marriage can be achieved as long as they are unlocked after leveling up.

The villager enjoys spending time outdoors and will sometimes even be drawing in Blight Forest or even searching for wild food. The best place to find her is in her cabin, which she can enter after getting two hearts from the friendship bar; she is also seen in the Starfruit Hall.

To get her the Mermaid Pendant quickly, send at least two gifts per week, but take into account the seasonal ones. The Salad is one of the most effective to raise your friendship and is available from the first day in the Hall; she also notes that she likes Wine, but hates Shadow Egg, Pizza and Tortillas.

Everything you need to know about Leah in Stardew Valley

After the proposal, Leah moves to the Farm and does not visit her house again, she will have a small art studio and a sculpting area, and she will also help with the tasks of farming and feeding animals. She can give different objects on the day, from all kinds of Mushrooms to Coffee, salad, or wine.

Sometimes with 12 hearts, he will give away a Star Fruit to symbolize his love. She is obviously a character with whom you can have children.