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Everything you need to know about Sam in Stardew Valley

 Among the 12 characters available to marry in Stardew valley, Sam is a young and outgoing boy from Pelican Town. He works part-time at Merca Roja and lives on Camino del Sauce with his mother Jodi and his younger brother Vicent, with whom he is very close. He also has a band with Sebastian and enjoys playing drums and guitar. Below we tell you more details about Sam in Stardew Valley.

Sam's Fun Facts

One of his secrets is that actually Sam is short for Samson, this is revealed when he has a good friendship with the player, but he is ashamed of that and also, for a long time, he felt guilty for the absence of his father, who later returns for his discomfort.

He can be found in his room practicing guitar or outside his house, from Monday to Wednesday he would be working on weekends and in spring, he is seen in the Starfruit Hall playing pool.

What to get Sam?

To form a friendship or relationship with Sam, you have to take into account his taste for Maple Scones and Pizza, as even as a husband, he will sometimes wake up to make it due to not learning how to cook and only knowing how to make canned food.

Some things he doesn't like are Dandelion, Raspberry, and Quartz; he also hates Gold, Iron, Copper, and Iridium Ingots, as well as Mayonnaise and Coal.

Everything you need to know about Sam in Stardew Valley

Married, he stops working at Merca Roja and is no longer interested in music, but sometimes he will help out on the farm, other days he will be lazy. As a family man, he misses his mother's Crispy Perch and Vicent, whom he will visit on Mondays and Fridays.