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Everything you need to know about Evelyn in Stardew Valley

 One of the oldest characters you will meet in Stardew Valley is Evelyn who has a winter 20th birthday. She lives in Pueblo Pelicano with her husband George and her grandson Alex De Ella; she is basically dedicated to raising her grandson Alex along with her husband, after the death of her daughter Clara. At the beginning when you meet all the villagers of the town Evelyn allows you to call her granny.

Evelyn trivia

On the nightstand in her room you will find a letter with her address written on it, addressed to "Mom". You can get her at her house most of the time or by taking care of the village gardens. To earn friendship points with her you must hit the things you give her, her favorites are beets, chocolate cake, stuffing, fairy rose, tulip, and diamonds.

You can give him gifts 2 times a week, in addition to his birthday. You should avoid gifting him with Quartz, Horseradish, Clam, Clay, Coral, Fried Eel, Garlic, Holly, Maki Rolls, Raspberry, Sashimi, Spiced Berry, Spicy Eel, and Trout Chowder. When you have friendship points with her, she will mail you bread, chocolate cake, and cookies.

Everything you need to know about Evelyn in Stardew Valley

When you reach 4 hearts of friendship with Evelyn, you must go to her house and she gives you the recipe for her famous cookies; When they reach 7 hearts of friendship, they will send you a letter by mail with the recipe for rice pudding. Another gift that you will get from Evelyn is when you complete your greenhouse, she will give you pots where you can grow any type of plant.

Evelyn is obviously not a marriageable or childbearing villager, but you can still befriend her.