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Everything you need to know about Vincent in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, one of the smallest villages in Pelican Town is Vincent, who lives in Willow Lane with his mother Jodi, and his brother Sam, whom he wishes to grow up to resemble; his father is in the war but will return to live with his family until year 2. According to his report card, he has skills in sports, but other classes are difficult for him; he also hates some of his mother's dinners.

How to increase the level of friendship with Vicent?

Vicent is almost always at home, some afternoons he is walking in town, but he returns at night. However, his schedule may vary according to certain conditions such as the weather or the specific day of the week.

Because there are no schools within the valley on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, she will be in classes with Penny inside the Museum, there will also be her best friend Jas, the only villager close to her age, and another character with whom she can be seen occasionally.

Everything you need to know about Vincent in Stardew Valley

Like others their friendship is based on sending gifts, the only problem is that each item and item can cause a different effect. With Vincent you should know about his taste for Apples, Blueberry Pie, Ice Cream, and Maple Syrup, however objects such as Acorn, Blackberry, and even worse, Mayonnaise, Beer, and Coffee; can be to his dislike and decrease friendship points.

When all eight hearts are reached on the bar, a special cutscene is unlocked where he will talk about marrying Penny when he is older. It is curious that there is a photo of Vicent bald because his mother cut his hair, but it is unknown if it was a cardiac event or not.