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Everything you need to know about footwear in Stardew Valley

 The clothing in Stardew Valley is important, these are equippable objects that can grant certain bonuses and improvements such as defense and immunity, provided in this case by the Boots. There are about 19 types of footwear in the game that have been updated, some are purchased, others are found in loot and rewards, and can even be obtained through specific events. Below we give you all the details about footwear in Stardew Valley.

Recommended Boots and Shoes

Most can be found at the Adventurers Guild run by Marlon and Gil east of Las Minas, where weapons, boots, and rings can be bought and sold; however, in order to gain access, you must complete the "Initiation" mission by killing 10 slimes. Likewise, footwear can be personalized or modified to taste at the House of Emily and Haley.

In the first instance, sports that have more than one Defense are acquired and are bought in the Guild for 500 coins, it can also appear in Treasure Chests or Random Loot. On the other hand, Rubber Boots offer Immunity (+1) but are only found in Green Slime Drops and Treasure Chests.

Everything you need to know about footwear in Stardew Valley

Among the best footwear are Emily's Magical Boots, a gift during the 14-heart event, and the Space Boots obtained from the chest on floor 110 of the Mines; both have Defense and Immunity increased by 4.

However, the most outstanding is the Siren Boots whose Immunity is the highest (+8) and also has good Defense (+5), also the Dragon Scale Boots with the highest Defense (+7) but without Immunity and finally, they are followed by the Charred Jester Shoes with Immunity (+8) and Defense (+6).