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FIFA 23 All innovations in career mode

 Career mode continues to be a favorite pastime of all FIFA fans. In the following, we will tell you what innovations await you in FIFA 23 in your coaching and player career.

FIFA 23 All innovations in career mode

Playable highlights

In addition to crossplay and new licenses, playable highlights also come into play, both in the coaching and in the player career. This gives you control over key moments in the game within the matches. This is to prevent you from getting an unwanted result when simulating a game quickly.

The focus is that you can reduce the time invested in a season, as not all fans have the playing time required to play a full season.

A system runs in the background, which analyzes different aspects of both teams and is supposed to hand over control to you at the right moment, for example, if there is a chance to score.

In career mode, you can also choose whether you only want to be in control during offensive actions and/or defensive actions. In Player Career, you can choose whether you want to control the entire team or just your own player in the playable highlights.

Dynamic moments

Whether in your playing or coaching career, the new Dynamic Moments are video sequences designed to accompany you through your career. They relate to important moments in your career and are intended to be triggered at different achievements or events.

Dynamic moments are video sequences within your career.
Dynamic moments are video sequences within your career. 

Revised menu

Many players spend a considerable amount of time in the career mode menu. The main menu has been redesigned so that you can navigate to your desired menu items more quickly.

In addition, notifications should now be more visible, such as promising youth players or upcoming contract extensions. Combined with the improved menu, you should no longer have to click through unnecessary layers of the main menu and can therefore get to your desired menu item faster.

The career menu is clearer in FIFA 23.
The career menu is clearer in FIFA 23.

Innovations in the coaching career

You can now choose from real coaches for your coaching career and don't necessarily have to create your own coach. If you've always wanted to manage your team as Thomas Tuchel or Jürgen Klopp, then you can now do so in FIFA 23. In total, more than 30 real trainer stars should be available to you.

The transfer period is a hot phase for many fans. In FIFA 23, the new Transfer Analyst is designed to help you better evaluate your finances and the impact of a new player.

The transfer analyst gives you a rating, ranging from A to F. The more detailed you have previously scouted a player, the better you can negotiate. The transfer analyst should also come into effect when you sell your players and help you there as well.

The transfer analyst helps you with buying and selling players.
The transfer analyst helps you with buying and selling players.

In addition, you can now see the new "tension meter" within a negotiation. The scale should make it clear to you how tense the situation is within a negotiation.

Last year you could create your own club for the first time. This year the feature has been further expanded. For example, you can create a third jersey or customize the goalkeeper jersey. You can also manually change and customize your own players within the team.

Innovations in the player career

The biggest innovation in your player career is probably that you can build your own personality. The character traits are called "Maverick", "Virtuoso" and "Heartbeat".

Mavericks are players who are more self-sufficient and aggressive in scoring, as well as acting more on their intuition. Virtuosos are players with a high understanding of the game and good playing skills. Heartbeat players are leaders and put the well-being of the team first, they are the pulse of the team.

With different character traits you unlock different attributes.
With different character traits, you unlock different attributes.

The more games you play, the more personality points you get in the three categories. This will unlock new tiers/skills within the categories and also give you higher player attributes.

Another innovation is off-field activities. This allows you to further develop your personality and push it in a certain direction. Here you have to make decisions about which activities you want to participate in off the field. For some activities, however, you must already have a certain rating within a character trait in advance in order to complete them. The rewards of the pursuits also vary.