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GTA Online LD Organics bags - all locations of the treasure hunt - Game Guides

 In addition to a new event week (Jump vs eCola), there is also a new treasure hunt in GTA Online. This time you should find 100 LD Organics bags for Lamar Davis, collect them and bring them back to him. Below we show you all the localities of the LD Organics products and also list the rewards.

GTA Online LD Organics bags - all locations of the treasure hunt - Game Guides

GTA Online LD Organics bags - all locations

There is a total of 100 LD Organics product bags to find and collect. That sounds like a lot of work, but some players report that the treasure hunt is faster than unlocking the M16 in GTA Online.

You can recognize the LD Organics products by the fact that they are small white bags. The content should be clear to you because the green "undergrowth" in the small baggies is certainly not broccoli.

Most of the 100 LD Organics merchandise lies on outdoor surfaces. But for some of them, you also have to go into buildings or climb on roofs.

By the way, when you approach an LD Organics bag, your controller starts to vibrate. The closer you are to the goods, the stronger the vibration. Once you're close enough to the product, all you have to do is interact with it to collect it

The following video from the "GTA Series Videos" YouTube channel shows you all the locations of the 100 LD Organics bags in detail:

LD Organics Merchandise - Rewards

After you have found and collected all 100 LD Organics bags and brought them back to Lamar Davis, you will receive the following rewards for the treasure hunt:

  • White "LD Organics" shirt
  • Black "LD Organics" cap
Once you have all 100 LD Organics items in your possession, a golden hemp leaf will appear on the map. There you can give the small bags to Lamar Davis.

But that's not all. The merchandise from LD Organics is very chic, but the rewards that are definitely more worthwhile are the 150,000 GTA dollars and 100,000 RP, which can potentially boost your level enormously once you have collected all the goods.

You get 1,000 RP and 1,000 GTA dollars per LD Organics bag. Once you have all 100 Baggies, you will receive an additional GTA$50,000 bonus.