GTA Online Unlock service carbine - Game guide

 The latest update in GTA Online has added additional content to the game. Besides new cars and jobs, you can also get the Service Carbine weapon, which many players call the M16. In the following, we explain how you unlock the rifle.

GTA Online Unlock service carbine - Game guide

Unlock M16 in GTA Online

You can't just buy the new Service Carbine, also known as the M16, in the AmmuNation, you have to unlock it instead. To unlock the M16, you must gather and collect 5 weapon parts on the map.

However, the weapon attachments can randomly spawn in 10 different locations on the map. You have to find the following components for the M16:

  • visor
  • magazine
  • scope
  • breech housing
  • run

Important note: You cannot unlock the M16 at this time. The service carbine will be added to the game in an upcoming update. But thanks to dataminers (from WildBrick142 via Twitter), we already know how to unlock the weapon. Once you can get the M16 and the update is live, we'll update the article.

Service Carbine (M16) - all component locations

The 5 different components can spawn at 10 different points on the map. The following map shows you all 10 possible locations where the attachments can appear:

All 10 possible locations for the 5 attachments from the M16.
All 10 possible locations for the 5 attachments from the M16. 

The components can therefore appear in the following areas:

  1. Paleto Bay
  2. grapeseed
  3. Alamo Sea
  4. Ron Alternatives Wind Farm
  5. Chumash
  6. West Vinewood
  7. la mesa
  8. Del Perro Beach
  9. Strawberry
  10. Elysian Island

As you approach the locations, a small event must occur where a component can spawn. You can see a corresponding icon on your minimap when an event is activated.

It is currently not known whether you can trigger and trigger the events manually. Once the M16 is implemented in-game, we'll update the guide accordingly.

Incidentally, you can simply buy the new sniper rifle, which is also part of the "The Criminal Enterprises" update, for 427,500 GTA dollars in the AmmuNation. This weapon does not require you to complete a challenge or find its respective parts.

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