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How do powders work in Rumbleverse?

 Potions are to be found in Rumbleverse, in order to gain life, endurance, or even strength! We detail everything about it.

How do powders work in Rumbleverse?

Epic Games' newest Battle Royale, Rumbleverse, is coming soon! It will finally be possible for all players to discover this new totally free game, in a very cartoony universe. Unlike Fortnite, there are no builds in this game, but it is possible to use abilities to take on opponents.

In this game, you will also have a stamina bar, HP bar, and maximum damage you can inflict. Thanks to potions, you can increase the statistics of each of these categories! We explain below how it works.

Powders in Rumbleverse, how does it work?

These are three different potions that are present in Rumbleverse, and which can be useful to you in each of your games! They exist in three different colors, to be able to differentiate them:

  • Arm powder: gives 10% more damage
  • Heart Potion: gives 10% additional HP
  • Stamina Potion: Gives 10% extra stamina

Consuming one of these potions will add 10% base stats to the category it belongs to. For example, taking the yellow potion will increase your stamina by 10%. A handy little tip is to know: when you consume five potions of the same color, the fifth increase your statistics by 20% instead of 10.

In total, you can only consume 10 potions in a game, distributing them however you like. You can find your current potion consumption in the gauge at the bottom right of your screen!

It is possible, to obtain huge statistics in a specific category, to consume ten identical potions. If you want to do as much damage as possible, then you can consume ten red potions! But be careful, your opponents in front may have better health or stamina statistics.