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How many emotes does Stardew Valley have?

 The latest Stardew Valley updates have seen a little more effort from the developers of this fun RPG game, in order to give greater importance to the way of communicating and expressing yourself within the village. This is reflected in the number of emotes Stardew Valley has available for use by characters. In this guide, we will show you how many emoticons currently exist.

Emoticons available in Stardew Valley

The number of emoticons that are currently handled within the game is varied, it all depends on the context and the moment in which they will be used. For example, there are emoticons typical of the personality of the villagers where they will let us know a particular taste.

In the case of the villagers, there are 5 emoticons that are the most repetitive, where they express an exact taste for a gift from us. Among these expressions we have: loves, likes, neutral, dislikes, and hates. Followed by a short verbal appointment where you will confirm what you want to express.

How many emotes does Stardew Valley have?

On the PC, "by pressing the Y key" we will have access to a panel where 8 emoticons will be reflected that will allow us to express what we feel at that precise moment, among those available we have: happy, pause, sad, yes, angry, ask, no, sweetheart. All of them are reflected with their respective images alluding to the expression.

In the multiplayer mode, where you can play with up to four friends in the same village, there is a chat with a series of varied and personalized Stardew Valley emoticons. This is how we add an average of more than 200 emoticons with which we use in this great RPG, it is expected that it will soon surprise us with new special characters.