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How to Acquire the Stardew Valley Kitchen Upgrade

 Among the first steps that you must take care of when starting your adventure on the Stardew Valley farm, is to improve your country house because at first it only consists of one room, which is why you must go to Robin's Carpentry to obtain the three improvements that are necessary to add new spaces and tasks in the video game. Today we will talk about how to acquire the kitchen upgrade in Stardew Valley.

What are they and how to obtain them?

There are three available improvements that you can make, but the good thing is that, from the first, you can unlock the Kitchen, which will allow you to prepare the different recipes, therefore, it is one of the most important and necessary tasks. It has a cost of 10,000g and to build it you must get Wood (450); When you finish it, you will get the Improving achievement whose reward is the Tropical Clip hat.

The second gets the Hunter's Cap through the Living Large achievement, also adds two other rooms, and increases the size of the others. Its price is 50,000g and to make it, it requires Wood (150).

Finally, the third level of improvement is worth 100,000g, it is the most expensive and it does not have any achievement of its own. However, building it adds a Warehouse where you can create handicrafts, which are very lucrative.

How to Acquire the Stardew Valley Kitchen Upgrade

It should be noted that each of these constructions begins once the respective payment has been paid and will last at least two days, with the exception of holidays. On the other hand, Fishing and Farming are recommended to generate money quickly, as there are products that you can easily obtain and sell at considerable prices; likewise, it pays to focus on storing wood from the start.