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How to Adjust Gender and Orientation in The Sims 4


How to Adjust Gender and Orientation in The Sims 4

A recent update for The Sims 4 added the ability to customize the gender and sexuality of your Sims. You can find out how to do this in our guide.

How to set a Sim's sexual orientation

Open the Sim settings menu and click on the icon in the form of three green circles in the upper left corner of the screen.

Here you will see two tabs: Gender and Sexual Orientation. We are interested in the second point.

You can track three parameters:

  • Whom the Sim is romantically interested in (Male, Female). You have the right to determine with whom your ward will be ready to enter into a relationship, accept courtship and go on dates. Please note that we are not talking about sex (“WooHoo”), the setting of which occurs in the third paragraph.
  • Does this Sim do Romantic Exploration (Yes, No). This parameter is responsible for the behavior of the character in adolescence. If you select the "Yes" option, then the Sim will be open to relationships with other people. If "No", then he will refuse anyone who invites him on a date or offers intimacy.
  • Who will this Sim play pranks and “WooHoo” with (Men, Women). This setting determines with whom your character will be "naughty" (for teenagers) and "have sex" (for adults and old people). Keep in mind that this parameter does not affect romantic relationships with a regular partner, but applies to "special friends".

As you already understood, romantic and sexual relationships are now configured separately. In all cases, you can choose one, both options, or none of them. In the second case, you will get a bisexual who goes into relationships with both men and women. If you didn't choose any of the options, you'll end up with an asexual Sim who isn't ready for a relationship with anyone.

Keep in mind that if you don't set these settings yourself, your Sims will end up bisexual and open to romantic experiments. But over time, a Sim's preferences can change. For example, if a character has had a successful relationship with girls, then he will give preference to them.

How to Gender a Sim

In the settings of the Sim, you can set the features of his gender. They are next to the sexual orientation options that we talked about earlier.

The following options are available to you:

  • Body structure (masculine, feminine). The female version has a thinner waist and breasts. As a result, they will not be able to wear open tops regardless of preference. Men have wider shoulders and more developed muscles.
  • Clothing preferences (masculine, feminine). This option only affects hairstyles and outfits that are offered by default. You are free to dress up your Sim however you want.
  • This sim can: get pregnant, make others pregnant, neither (infertility). The description speaks for itself. Please note that if you want to have children, then you need one Sim to be able to get pregnant, and the second one to be able to make others pregnant.
  • Can this Sim pee standing up (yes, no)? This parameter affects how exactly he will use the toilet.
As for newborn Sims, you won't be able to choose their gender and sexual preference until they're in their teens. But after reaching a certain age, you can customize them in the same way as adult characters.

How to Customize Pronouns Associated with Your Sim

The "Change Pronoun" item has been added to the character customization menu. You can define how your Sim will be referred to as "He/His", "She/His", or "They". In addition, there is a fourth point, which offers the opportunity to set your own set of pronouns for different situations. At the moment, the system is quite raw, so various failures and errors are possible.