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How to age wine and cheese in Stardew Valley

 Stardew Valley offers a variety of activities that allow us to generate income, make upgrades, craft fastballs, and much more. Aging cheese and wine is a very beneficial activity for players, which is why craft products cannot be overlooked, and then, in this section of our complete Stardew Valley guide, we will tell you how to age these products, which will come in handy in all this adventure.

Wine and cheese aging process

First of all, you should know that the aging of these products is very important due to the advantages and benefits that it offers us; the first of them is that they allow us to elaborate recipes and the second because we can generate good profits through them.

Now, to age wine, it is necessary to have a barrel, which we get after upgrading our house (inside the farm) for the third time. The aging process is very simple, all we have to do is add fruit to the barrel and wait until it becomes wine, to later age it.

Another relevant detail for quality wine is choosing the right fruit; in this case, we have several alternatives, but among the best fruits for its elaboration, we have the carambola, an ancient fruit, and the melon. Specifically, we will have to harvest the fruit, then we will put it in the barrel and when we obtain the wine we place it in the house's barrels to age it. In a few days, we will have a good wine, worthy of taking to the market and generating good income.

Do not forget that wine is an artisanal product that requires a 7-day process and can be obtained as a gift at the winter star party. Its price may vary depending on the fruit used to obtain it, so try to choose the best option; In addition, the wine produces drunkenness and is capable of decreasing the speed capacity by 1.

How to age wine and cheese in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, regarding the aging of cheese, the process is simpler than that of wine, since you will only have to obtain milk from your cows or goats; later we make the cheese and finally leave it in the barrel to age. Keep in mind that like wine, it is an artisanal product that takes 3.3 hours to process and requires a cheese press.

It also has a high economic value, which can be classified from basic or normal quality, silver, gold, and eventually iridium. Premature quality normal, gold, and silver cheese can be obtained by hitting the barrel with a pickaxe, hoe, or axe.

Although they are relatively simple processes, they are very beneficial, but we will have to have patience since we cannot obtain these products when we just start in Stardew Valley.

Also, remember that it is important to obtain the fruits and the cows or goats to obtain both products. If possible, opt for the best fruits if you want to get quality wine and sell it at the best price. The same goes for cheese.