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How to charge your ultimate faster in Rumbleverse?

 In Rumbleverse, the ultimate can be very useful to inflict more damage on your opponents! But how do you charge the gauge quickly?

How to charge your ultimate faster in Rumbleverse?

Epic Games will soon release its brand new Battle Royale, Rumbleverse! Unlike Fortnite, there won't be any builds to protect against opponents this time around, just unlockable abilities to deal damage to them. In addition to that, an ultimate ability will be able to help you do more damage, provided that its gauge is well filled.

But how do you quickly fill the gauge of the ultimate so as not to wait too long before using it? Several techniques exist to make it fill up faster, we explain how it works!

How to fill the ultimate gauge quickly in Rumbleverse?

To be able to use the ultimate in Rumbleverse, it is necessary that the blue gauge surmounted by a star is filled! It can also be used to revive you when an opponent knocks you out if it is complete.

To fill this gauge, you will have to obtain blue stars, which will fill it little by little. These stars can be found in various loot boxes throughout the game but can take a long time to obtain. But suddenly, how to fill this gauge more quickly? In addition to stars, your gauge will gradually fill up by performing the following actions :

  • Hit opponents
  • Block attacks
  • KO an opponent
Once full, you will then have the choice between using your ultimate or keeping this gauge full in case an opponent manages to knock you out. In this case, the gauge can be used to resuscitate you! Which is very useful in a Battle Royale type game, where the goal is to be the last survivor. If you do not master your ultimate well, it is therefore recommended to keep the gauge to come back to life!