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How to craft items in Stardew Valley

 Crafting in Stardew Valley is the creation of products guided by a specific recipe. Likewise, crafting is learned through skills granted after every 10 levels, and relationships with villagers. In this section of our complete guide to Stardew Valley, we will indicate the steps you must follow to make objects properly.

Process for crafting items in Stardew Valley

The process for crafting items in Stardew Valley is usually very simple, although it is important for them that you have extensive knowledge of the crafting process. Here we explain in detail how objects are made:

  • Locate the manufacturing menu on the main screen, from there you will start the creation of a new object. And at the same time, you will have the advantage of advancing the farm activities.
  • The crafting menu icon looks like a hammer. When you open the tab, 8 colored recipes will appear, which are awarded from the start of the game. Recipes that do not have ingredients will not have any color, so you must take care of getting them.
  • By clicking on each recipe, a new tab will show you the ingredients to use. Those that are not in the inventory will be written in red.
How to craft items in Stardew Valley

  • Keep in mind that you must have all the ingredients to access the item icon.
  • Then proceed to manufacturing, clicking on the object that will later be included in the inventory.
  • As you get recipes, the crafting page multiplies.
Finally, to get the item creation recipes, you will need to increase your skill levels . Once you achieve it, you can buy them or receive them as a gift. You will also notice how you will be able to manufacture objects such as heavy griffins, bait nursery, coal oven and consumable objects.