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How to earn coins (money) in Cult of the Lamb - fishing, tribute, offerings and other ways


How to earn coins (money) in Cult of the Lamb - fishing, tribute, offerings and other ways

In Cult of the Lamb, coins play an important role. With their help, you can purchase various buildings, food, and even the loyalty of followers. Today we will describe all the ways to earn money in this game.

Explore locations and fight bosses again

Locations in the game consist of several sections. In them, gamers must confront various monsters, for the destruction of which they can receive a certain amount of coins. Boss battles are considered the most profitable. Even if you have explored the location four times and destroyed a strong enemy, you can return here at any time and try your hand again. It is worth noting that when playing again, all enemies appear with increased health and increased damage.

Visit locations with doubled coins

After passing the first section, you will see a fork, which will eventually lead to the boss. Sometimes at this fork, there will be rooms where you can get double the amount of coins.

Win at dice

When the player completes the tutorial, their mentor named Ratsau will offer to visit the Lonely Shack region. Here, a friend will teach you how to play dice. After the first win, you will be able to play for coins. Ratsau has a small maximum bet - only 10 coins, but later you will find other players. For example, Shroomi can bet 50 coins.

Still, it is much more fun to beat the Rat, because he practically does not resist the player. What can not be said about other rivals.

How to sell items

To unlock this opportunity, you need to go through the first story location "Thicket" four times, and also defeat the Leshy boss. When you've done this, simply return to your settlement. A special chest will appear next to the local workbench.

The mechanics of selling items in Cult of the Lamb is pretty funny. Items do not have a standard price: with each subsequent sale, their value will decrease. For example, if the price of beet at the start is 5 coins, then after 10 items are sold, the cost will drop to 1 coin.

This method will be especially useful when only a few coins are not enough to build a building.

How to unlock fishing

Unlock the second-story location "Amphibian" to find the Fisherman. At the same time, a new region will become available on the global map — the Pilgrim's Trail. Visit it in your free time and get acquainted with new activities.

After talking to the Rybak again, you will find a place to fish. Throw a fishing rod and pull the prey. All caught catch can be sold in the cult settlement.

A little later, you will be able to unlock the Blessing of the Ocean ritual. This will allow you to catch twice as many fish, as well as collect rare loot.

How to collect taxes

To collect money from your followers, you need to unlock the commandment of the same name in the "Property" section. This will allow you to collect 2 coins from the cultists every 24 hours.

How to collect offerings in the temple

As you progress through the game and improve your settlement, you will receive various bonuses. For example, if you increase the level of the cult to the third, then a separate stand for offerings will appear in the temple. After each sermon, followers will leave a few coins here. The more cultists, the higher the "cost" of preaching.

How to build an offering bowl

This building will become available at the second level of the altar upgrade. After its erection, parishioners will leave valuable items here. It will not always be money - often you will find food, gold bars or nuggets, as well as all kinds of resources.

The beauty of this way of earning is that you have the right to place an unlimited number of such objects throughout the settlement. To build one bowl, you need to spend 24 coins, 8 stones, and 16 logs.

How to create gold from nuggets

Gold nuggets are a useful resource with which you can create coins. To do this, you need to reach the second level of the altar and unlock the sanctuary.

Place the stones in the sanctuary, after which any cultist will bless them and you will receive some money. Every 7 consecrated nuggets turn into 5 gold coins.

As we noted earlier, cult followers can donate such resources in special bowls. Also, the player will find nuggets during sorties. Nuggets appear from chests or come across in separate locations.

How to open the ritual "Enrichment"

Enrichment is a special ritual that will become available at the third level of precepts in the “Property” category. Spend a certain amount of bones so that the inhabitants of the settlement make very generous offerings to the main character.

Prepare for the fact that after this the faith of the flock will decrease by 20 units. The more followers in your cult, the richer the offerings will be. The level of parishioners also affects the size of the tax.

How to cook special meals

In Cult of the Lamb, there are special dishes that help with a certain chance to take valuable items from cultists. Here is the complete list:

  • Appetizing Meat Stew (75% chance): meat (4), crab (1), lobster (1);
  • Edible Vegetable Salad (25% chance): cauliflower (4);
  • Delicious Fried Fish (25% chance): Salmon (3);
  • Meat Stew (25% chance): meat (2);
  • Gourmet Fried Fish (25% chance): Squid (1), Octopus (1), Ballfish (1), Swordfish (1);
  • Deadly Food (100% chance): Follower Meat (1); fertilizer (1); grass (1).