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How to enter the sewers in Stardew Valley

 Stardew Valley is a very fun platform video game that is basically about doing all kinds of activities on your farm, in the so-called "pelican town". In it you will develop in livestock, agriculture, mining, fishing and even socializing, in addition to having different spaces and very interesting things as you play and acquire things. One of these spaces is the sewer.

What are sewers?

The sewers are one of the places in the game, although it is important to say that they cannot be accessed, since if you try to do so, a small ad will appear that explains that you need the rusty key to access the sewers, thus there is a way to get it.

get the rusty key

To begin with, you will have to do a lot of work and strive to get artifacts and minerals in your daily jobs. Just as you can also find them on the ground, fishing, and even in the mine killing monsters; after collecting at least 60 items and artifacts they must be donated to the museum.

The museum will thank you and one random day the character Gunther will come and congratulate you and just before leaving he will give you the rusty key. Which is just what you need to enter the sewers. After receiving the key, it will be stored in your wallet.

How to enter the sewers in Stardew Valley

Now it only remains to go either to the sewer cover, south of the town or to the gates south of the blighted forest. In the same way, you can enter by anyone just by looking for the key in your wallet and selecting it and trying to enter where you will see very interesting things and activities to do.