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How to get the fruits in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley, collecting fruits is very important, since with them you can raise health and energy points. You can also make various recipes, items or objects, and drinks. That is why it is important that when looking for fruits you take into account the following tips for buying, harvesting, and growing that we will give you below.

How to be a good fruit picker

To get fruits from your own farm you must take into account that there are 28 days of growth, in which you must be watering daily, they give one fruit per day if they are in the right season, and you can only accumulate 3 days of harvest to be able to collect. When they grow up it is no longer so necessary a gift and they do not die in the winter season. Its shoots can be sown in any season of the year.

They can be planted directly in the ground without the need to plow the area before planting, although you cannot plant them near stones or bushes, as they need a clear area to grow. You can also get fruits from the trees and bushes that are in the surroundings and in the mission with Demetrius. Where he will give you the choice of bats in the cave or some pots to plant zetas.

How to get the fruits in Stardew Valley

In the cave, you can get them after killing several bats. Although it is much better to choose the pots and collect the fruits by other means. There is another option of going to buy them in the traveling cart, which is a simpler and more practical way. You can find it in the north of the Blight Forest pond on Friday and Sunday, where they sell random items in limited quantities.