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How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

 Wood is one of the base resources of the video game developed by Eric Barone. This resource is necessary because despite not being a popular gift among the Pelican Town villagers, it serves to keep the Farm viable due to its multiple uses. There is a type of wood that stands out for its greater resistance and beauty, Noble Wood is special and its purpose is to create objects, build buildings, and complete missions and lots. Below we tell you all the details about Noble Wood in Stardew Valley.

Tips to get it

This type of wood is obtained by felling large stumps and long logs with a copper, steel, or better axe. It is important because from Gathering level 6, with it you can get the different Teleportation Totems that lead to the Beach, Mountain, Farm, and Desert; In addition, it is also needed for the Rain Totem, which is essential for harvesting.

However, that is not its only use, in the Agriculture level, it can be used in the construction of the Oil Can, Cheese Press, and the Noble Wood Fence. In the Fishing Skill, it is used to make Light Corks and the Bait Nursery at levels 7 and 8.

How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Six large stumps can be obtained daily in the Secret Forest and in the Forest Farm, there are eight stumps on the left side. Another way is to cut down the trees of Tizón Forest, they can also appear in chests and barrels of the Mines or as a reward from the Muyu fish when reaching 6 population in the Fish Pond.

Take into account that with the Lumberjack profession there is the possibility of having Noble Wood when cutting standard trees, but that of the Ranger maintains the sale price by preventing its increase.