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How to get honey in Stardew Valley

 Honey is one of the craft products we get in Stardew Valley. This can be obtained in different ways, but it is mainly obtained from flowers. But, do not worry because then, in this section of our complete Stardew Valley guide.

Honey making

The honey manufacturing process is carried out inside a hive, through different flowers. It is a process that can be carried out every 4 days, regardless of the season of the year, except in the winter season. Another way to get honey is to buy it every Friday at the Oasis.

Flowers that are fully grown will have an effect on the type of honey obtained. Also, flowers cannot be used while the hive is producing honey, but different hives can get honey from a single flower.

In the case of wild honey, it is produced when a hive makes flower honey and the flower has been harvested before the honey. In the event that the hive is removed with a tool, still having honey to be collected, it will be added to the inventory as honey, but it will have a similar function to wild honey.

How to get honey in Stardew Valley

Another of the things we can do with honey is to turn it into mead, but for this, we need a barrel; which we get after making a third improvement to the house. Mead can be aged in a barrel to improve its quality.

The flowers that we use to obtain honey are the following:

  • Tulipán: we get it in Spring, Summer, and Autumn.
  • Blue Allium occurs in Spring.
  • Summer sequin: it is a spring flower.
  • Poppy: we get it in the Summer.
  • Sunflower: belongs to the Summer and Autumn seasons.
  • Pink Fairy: it is from the Autumn season.