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How to get the Totems in Stardew Valley

 Travel totems are an iconic resource in the world of Stardew Valley, in addition to being consumable, they are necessary elements, since they allow you to move within the extensive valley that the video game comprises. With more than 50 hours of content and at least 30 interactive characters, the teleportation ability becomes an important complement to the title.

In the case of the Rain totem, it can only be created from level 9 with Noble Wood (1), Truffle Oil (1), and Pine Pitch (5). On the other hand, the Island and Desert Teleportation Totems can only be acquired after buying them in the shop for 10,000 coins.

Steps to follow to obtain the travel totems

The first totem is achieved at gathering level 6, corresponds to the Beach, and is created with hardwood (1), coral (2), and vegetable fiber (10). Being the easiest to obtain, since its materials are found by cutting weeds with a weapon or after collecting on the Beach. A tip might be to chop down with an ax in the Secret Forest.

How to get the Totems in Stardew Valley

At level 7 you will be able to activate the Mountain totem which requires noble wood (1), iron ingot (1), and stone (25). It is worth noting that you can infrequently get iron ingots from garbage cans, but stones can be obtained by crushing rocks in the mines.

Finally, at level 8 the Farm totem will be available and you only need Wood (1), Honey (1), and Plant Fiber (20). To obtain honey, you only have to place the Beehive on the farm for 4 days. Also, once unlocked most can also be purchased in the casino for 20 coins.