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How to get your first TV in Stardew Valley

 Surely you know that the title of Stardew Valley is a field adventure, where you have countless things, simulating real life. Therefore, television is no exception, and that is why all players have one. But, if you are wondering how can I get my first TV in Stardew Valley? Don't worry, because we'll give you all the details below.

Get your own TV in Stardew Valley

Getting your first TV in Stardew Valley is the easiest. Why? because basically, the game gives it to you. When you start in this game, you have the advantage that you will get some very useful things to guide you and start the adventure, among these things we get a television.

You will get this television in the country house and it has a variety of channels that will help you solve your daily cycle on the farm. For example, you can see the weather forecast, and cooking channels, where you will learn majestic recipes, there is also a very useful channel that is about living on earth. There they give you tips for harvesting, agriculture, or simply preparing to adapt to the world of the farm.

How to get your first TV in Stardew Valley

This is just to mention some things that the television can do for you, but normally with it you can be informed and it even helps you to become knowledgeable.

However! something that you will have to know is that this television at the beginning is very simple and even if you start on the standard farm you will have a very cheap television, and those who belong to the other farms will find a floor television in their farmhouse and be able to see programs just have to press the right click.

As we can see, when you start to create the character and start the game you will automatically have your first television.