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How to increase the faith and trust of followers in Cult of the Lamb

 We talk about all the ways to increase the faith and trust of your cult followers

In this guide, we will show you how to increase the faith of your cult in the Cult of the Lamb roguelike. In addition, you will receive some tips on how to keep your followers happy and avoid dissent in the ranks of the cult. Faith is the lifeblood of your community (cult) and must be constantly monitored. Only with good faith will your followers perform their duties well and will not even think of revolt, sow discord or trying to leave.

How to increase the faith and trust of followers in Cult of the Lamb

The game has a number of actions that will allow you to reap some benefits. For example, performing rituals. However, these actions in exchange for something useful can lead to a loss of faith among the followers. Therefore, it is important to know how to quickly and painlessly restore faith within the cult by resolving potential problems before things get out of control.

Fortunately, there are many ways in the game to restore faith:

  • Sermons. You can preach daily in the temple, and this aspect should never be neglected. Sermons not only increase the loyalty of your flock by giving you more opportunities for crusades but also greatly increase the faith of each follower. And if you end up choosing the devotee's commandment, you'll get even more faith gains.
  • Blessing. Another daily ritual that you should always take part in. It's about blessing your followers. As a result of this interaction, each follower can receive one blessing per day - not only increase loyalty. The blessing will also slightly increase their faith. Spread the blessing over three, five, or a dozen followers and you'll get a big boost in faith, which will most likely avoid a crisis within the cult. Given that you need as many loyal followers as possible, bless your followers every day.
  • Increasing the number of followers. The only thing followers love more than just being a regular member of your cult is having more followers join. If you have a chance to get new followers - either from Helob or at the request of a follower - be sure to do so to get a nice faith boost. Unless, of course, the follower in question has the trait of a natural skeptic, and so on...
  • Finish the crusades. It goes without saying that no one will respect a cult leader if he fails time after time. Each time you die, upon your return to the cult, you will watch the faith waver among your followers. It goes without saying that defeating a mini-boss or region boss upon returning to the cult will be met with an increase in faith. It is highly recommended that after defeating the first boss, get the Omnipresent crown ability, which will allow you to teleport back to your cult at any time - if you are low on hearts and you are not sure that you can survive. In this case, you will not lose faith, since your followers will normally perceive the news of a tactical retreat.

  • Complete follower quests. Sooner or later, one of your cult followers will run up to you. There will be a "cloud" icon above his head, indicating the possibility of dialogue. It turns out that such a character has some kind of task for you. Followers will ask you to perform a certain ritual, accept lost travelers, or even feed someone - be sure to complete such tasks. If you refuse these requests, you will receive a significant penalty to faith. In most cases, such help will bring you benefits (not just the absence of a penalty to faith). Quests are limited in time, but usually, there is more than enough time, so you can plan ahead and will be rewarded with faith points (and loyalty of followers) when you complete the task.
  • Solve various problems. Followers will quickly notice if things don't go according to plan. And their Faith in such cases will be reduced. Fortunately, by solving various problems, you will almost always receive an increase in faith. If one of the followers' beds breaks, be sure to repair it. If people are hungry, prepare a hearty meal. If someone has recently died, build a grave and prepare a burial.
  • Conduct charitable rituals and commandments. As a cult leader, it is up to you how you want to lead your flock, but in any case, you should strive to use all methods to quickly increase faith. Certain rituals are guaranteed to increase faith, such as a campfire or brainwashing ritual, a fighting pit, or a wedding ritual. Use them to keep your cultists happy, and don't forget to choose a few precepts that give them traits that either increase their faith for certain actions or reduce the penalty from things like the Faith in the Afterlife trait.
  • Create decorations. It may seem like a small thing, but from a tactical point of view, creating many different decorations can significantly increase faith in a short time. Of course, if you have no other options. Building new places will give followers a small amount of faith (more if you choose sacred architecture or believe in false idol doctrines). You can even get an additional bonus for being directly involved in the construction. You are a leader who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.