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How to make Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

 Games are something that helps us entertain ourselves, either individually or in online games that make them more fun. Stardew Valley is a video game that runs on any platform such as PC, iOS, Consoles, and now Android. Below we will tell you all the details on how to make maple syrup in Stardew Valley.

Procedure to make Maple Syrup

Now you will know how to make Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley. Bearing in mind that this game takes place on a country house-type farm to go for a walk and forget about the daily routine. So get ready to learn some how-tos on how to make maple syrup in the game.

The first thing you have to know is that maple syrup is obtained from the maple trees that are on the farm. To do this, you must unlock the agriculture level in Stardew Valley, being here you can already use the hive.

Now, get nimble because you have to earn a number of items in order to make Stardew Valley Maple Syrup. Some of the objects that you have to catch are 40 wood by cutting down trees, 8 coals, and 1 iron ingot that you got in the mines, especially in hardware stores.

How to make Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

We recommend that you move quickly so that you can find the Maple Syrup and know how to distinguish the Maple Syrup tree from the bush. Also, get a resin to collect the syrup.

Already having the items from the hive to make Maple syrup in Stardew Valley, you just have to start creating it. To create honey you must strain the hive in a place on the farm with many flowers and leave it for 4 days so that the bees do their work, so you will always have honey on the farm.