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How to provide food for a cult in Cult of the Lamb

 All food sources, food recipes, how to create the perfect farm and automate the whole process

While half of the Cult of the Lamb is dedicated to crusades, in which you fight your way through procedurally generated dungeon rooms, the other half of the game focuses on keeping your nascent cult thriving and working with various mechanics, including keeping your followers happy and fed.

Each follower has their own hunger meter, which you can see when you get the mind-reading ability. Collective hunger is shown by an indicator in the upper left corner of the screen. Even though you can grow a variety of crops and fish, you'll have to put on the chef's hat, as you're the only one who can cook food for the followers (and no one else).

How to provide food for a cult in Cult of the Lamb

At first, you can cook the simplest dishes. Such food is highly likely to cause diarrhea in your followers. No one is forcing you to feed every follower every day - as long as the satiety bar is full enough, you can lay out food every 2-3 days. Build a cooking space and select the dish you want to cook from the ingredients you have, then complete the simple mini-game to cook the food (if you click while the slider is outside the green zone, the food will burn and become unusable for use). Your followers will automatically run to the prepared food to satisfy their hunger.

Dish recipes

The more ingredients you find, the more recipes you unlock (automatically). Some recipes will be unlocked while completing follower quests. For example, "Grass Porridge", should be used as a last resort when there is no other food.

The full list of recipes is as follows...

Death Dish (1 star)

  • Ingredients List: 1 Follower Meat, 1 Fertilizer, 1 Herb.
  • 75% chance of follower death.
  • 100% chance to drop valuable resources.

Bowl of excrement (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 3 fertilizers.
  • 50% chance of causing sickness and diarrhea.
  • Penalty to faith.

Follower Minced Meat (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 3 follower meats, 5 bones.
  • 75% chance of causing disease.
  • 25% chance to increase the loyalty of followers.
  • 40% chance to stop a follower from dissenting.
  • Penalty to faith.

Herbal porridge (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 5 herbs.
  • 25% chance to cause disease.
  • Faith penalty (unless the follower has the Grass Eater trait).

Basic Berry Bowl (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 6 berries.
  • 15% chance that the companion will immediately defecate.

Viscous meat porridge (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 3 pieces of meat.
  • 10% chance to inflict Exhaustion.

Spicy Fish Chowder (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 3 minnows.
  • 10% chance to cause disease.

Bad pumpkin soup (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 4 pumpkins.
  • 5% chance to cause sickness and diarrhea.

Poor mixed meals (1 star)

  • List of ingredients: 4 berries, 2 minnows, 2 pieces of meat.
  • 10% chance to increase followers' loyalty.

Hearty meat broth (2 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 2 pieces of meat.
  • 25% chance of dropping valuable resources.
  • 15% chance that the companion will immediately defecate.

Delicious fishmeal (2 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 3 salmon.
  • 25% chance of dropping valuable resources.
  • 15% chance that the follower will vomit immediately.

Modest mixed meals (2 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 4 pumpkins, 2 salmon, 2 pieces of meat.
  • 20% chance to increase the loyalty of followers.

Funky Cauliflower Soup (2 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 4 cauliflower.
  • 25% chance of dropping valuable resources.
  • 5% chance to cause disease.

Superb Vegetable Feast (3 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 6 beets, 2 pumpkins, 2 cauliflowers.
  • 50% chance to increase the loyalty of followers.
  • Increasing faith.

Delicious fish feast (3 stars)

  • Requires: 1 Squid, 1 Octopus, 1 Pufferfish, and 1 Swordfish.
  • 25% chance of dropping valuable resources.
  • 30% chance that an ill follower will recover.
  • Increasing faith.

Mighty Meat Feast (3 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 4 pieces of meat, 1 crab, 1 lobster.
  • 75% chance of dropping valuable resources.

Great mixed food (3 stars)

  • List of ingredients: 4 beets, 2 tuna, 2 pieces of meat.
  • 100% chance to increase the loyalty of followers.
  • 100% chance to stop a follower from dissenting.

Where and how to get food

Since satiety is an important condition for the existence of a cult, you must pay special attention to finding ingredients for cooking. Hungry cultists won't last too long, so start by picking berries from the bushes around the settlement. Save the seeds to later plant them on plots of land.

If you are on the territory of the settlement at night, watch out for spiders that may appear in this place. You can "catch" these insects to get the cuts of meat you need to cook good food.

Seeds are also important, as they are used to produce large amounts of squeaks right in the cult's territory. Each region you visit during your crusade has certain types of seeds that you will encounter more than others:

  • In the Thicket, you can find berry bushes and Camilla flowers (used to heal the sick).
  • There is a high chance of getting pumpkin seeds in Amphibian, especially as an additional reward from chests.
  • The Marsh is a great place to collect Cauliflower Seeds, which can be found in chests and resource rooms.
  • Silk cradle - a place where there are beet seeds.
Once you get to Amphibian and have a lot of followers, you will soon run into Rakshasa merchants at the entrance to the Swamp. He will open a permanent store that will sell seeds depending on which locations you have unlocked. You can also meet him during the crusade, and then he will give you free food.

Finally, after exploring the Thicket, you will meet a fisherman who will invite you to a special place. There you can take part in a mini-game and catch various fish. This is a great way to stock up on different types of fish.

Once you have a chance to unlock a new ritual through the Gifts of the Ocean commandment, you will be able to increase the number and rarity of the fish caught.

How to create the perfect farm and automate the process

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of running your cult is building a farm for a constant supply of food. This is not a fast job. But with the right upgrades and a little time, you will soon be getting tons of products. To create a real farm, you will need a piece of land, seeds to plant, and then water the plants as needed (usually once or twice until fully mature). In addition, you can collect waste from your followers to use as fertilizer, which can be added to planted seeds to increase their yield. After all, your followers can automate all of this, but you have to start on your own.

Step 1 Plots of land

One of the first upgrades you can get with Revelation crafted by followers is a plot of land that allows you to build 1 tile anywhere you want to plant seeds. You will probably have a lot of space to place these tiles, and we recommend choosing a specific corner of the territory to equip a large vegetable garden there. Later you can build other buildings that will increase the efficiency of farming, so if you plan to do this, build a 6x6 diamond garden for now. It is not necessary to plant seeds in every cell. Just set the boundaries of your garden.

Step 2 Farm Station

The reason we offer a 6x6 lot is because of the upgrades you can get after the land lot - Farm Pack. This building will allow you to use the farm and toolkit to order followers to water planted seeds within range. Remember that you can enter build mode at any time to move objects, including land. Make sure the farm is in the center of your garden.

You'll have to keep an eye on planting and harvesting (and sometimes fertilizing if you have the right ingredients), but that can be simplified. Build a Seed Vault next to a 6x6 vegetable garden and your followers will automatically plant the seeds you store there - on any empty lot. Moreover, in the case of storage, there is no need to monitor the distance to the garden. However, to speed up the process, it is desirable to place it as close to the sites as possible.

Step 3 Scarecrow

You've pretty much automated the process by now, but there's another major problem that you may not be aware of. Birds. From time to time they will fly into your settlement, and, more importantly, they will be able to land on your garden and steal seeds. If you walk near a piece of land, you can scare away the birds. But whenever you go on a crusade, you take a risk, because the birds can fly in at that moment and deprive you of the harvest. Fortunately, on the second level of buildings, there is a wonderful improvement - "Scarecrow". It is much more effective than a conventional farm in terms of range. Rest assured, the birds will not bother you again.

Step 4 Harvest Totem

Now that you no longer need to be constantly on the farm, the main task will remain to harvest, fertilize and regularly replenish the seed storage. As the 6x6 tiles fill up, make sure that two spaces remain free for harvest totems. With their help, you will speed up the process of ripening crops. They cannot be placed near each other. Instead, we recommend installing them either to the left and right of the truss, or top and bottom so that the bottom of the 6x6 diamond is overlapped (depending on where you choose to build your truss). With two harvest totems, the 6x6 piece of land we have chosen should be completely covered: the bonus will apply to all cells.

Step 5. Fertilize and Harvest

Finally, when you get to the next level of improvements on the altar, you can automate the rest of the processes to create the perfect farm. A compost pit will automate the process of applying fertilizers, following the example of seed storage. As with storage, it is best to place a compost pit close to the farm.

Subsequently, you can upgrade the farm to level 2. A chest will appear. Finally, your followers will be able to plant seeds from the seed vault, water them, fertilize them from the compost pit, and harvest them all in the same chest! All you need to do at this stage is to make sure that both storages (seed and compost) are full.


The last level of upgrades is optional for your farm, but will still provide some benefits. You will be able to upgrade your Harvest Totems to also produce devotion and further reduce crop maturation time. An upgraded scarecrow will allow you to capture birds to use as a source of meat for cooking.