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How to resurrect in Rumbleverse?

 In Rumbleverse, once knocked out, it will be possible to resurrect, provided you know how to do it! We explain how it works.

How to resurrect in Rumbleverse?

If you follow a bit of video game news, you know that Epic Games will soon be launching a new Battle Royale! This is Rumbleverse, a game in a very cartoon style, with the possibility of using abilities to inflict damage on opponents, but also of using objects such as chairs to throw them at enemies and inflict their damage as well.

As in every Battle Royale, the goal is to be the last survivor. Obviously, the opponents will not let it go and may try to knock you out. If this is the case and you have no more HP, there is a way to resurrect thanks to the blue stars! We explain how it works.

How to resurrect with blue stars in Rumbleverse?

While playing Rumbleverse, you'll quickly notice the blue gauge with a star at the bottom of your screen. This is the gauge to use your ultimate once it is full, or simply to resurrect when you are knocked out.

By being knocked out in Rumbleverse, you can therefore resurrect if this gauge is full. To fill it, you will have to find blue stars, which can be obtained from the crates in the game. You will find many items to loot in these crates, including these much sought-after stars! In addition to stars, you can also fill this gauge faster by inflicting damage on opponents, blocking attacks, or knocking an opponent down.

Remember not to use your ultimate when the blue gauge is full, because it will empty it completely. You will therefore have to wait for it to fill up again to be able to hope to resurrect in the event of a knockout.