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How to revive your duo in Rumbleverse?

 In Rumbleverse, it is possible to revive your duo when it is knocked out! We explain how it works.

In Rumbleverse, the new Battle Royale from Epic Games, the principle is to be the last survivor among the forty players competing on the same map, in a solo or duo mode. If you are playing solo, your game ends once you are knocked out, or when you finish last.

If you are playing as a duo, the game ends when the last of the two allies is KO'd. And to be able to continue with two players for as long as possible, it is important to know how to revive your ally! It's not very complicated, but a few things you need to know to master the game as well as possible. We reveal everything below.

How to revive your duo on Rumbleverse?

In Rumbleverse, once your life bar is at zero, you are knocked out and can't play anymore. To be able to continue your game for two once your ally is knocked out, you will be able to resuscitate him! To help him, just approach him and press the interact key. You will then have 30 seconds to help him, but if he gets knocked out again during this period, you will have less and less time to help him revive.

How to revive your duo on Rumbleverse?

So watch out for enemies that may approach you when trying to revive your duo. If you see any, use your vicious attack or activate your ult (Superstar mode) to push back these opponents. This way, they won't be able to damage your ally, and you'll still have 30 seconds to help them.

Little trick: by trying to help your friend with the Superstar mode activated, you can revive him twice as fast!