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Importance of crafting in Stardew Valley

 Crafting in Stardew Valley brings significant benefits once you reach level 10. One of them is that the products will increase their price by 40% if you decide to go for the craftsman profession in agriculture. Also, when creating these products, the equipment of machines will be extended throughout the entire game. But don't worry, because in this section of our complete guide to Stardew Valley we tell you why you should make certain craft products.


It is a product that you can take advantage of a lot if you have chicken and mayonnaise machines. However, it is also important that you have ducks, chickens, and ostriches. Many of these eggs cost 266 gold.


Investing is much easier, thanks to the manufacturing of this product since various fruits can be used. And since the sowing of fruits and vegetables occurs throughout the year, regardless of the time, you can create wine. In addition to this, the profits are higher if you decide to make aged wine, although keep in mind that the process can be slower.

Goat cheese

Your investment may be a bit expensive, due to the high cost of the goats, however, your profits are remarkable. You will be able to profit every time you sell milk and aged goat cheese. The value of the cheese, if you are a craftsman, is 560 gold coins.

Importance of crafting in Stardew Valley


It is a simple craft product to produce, and you can sell quickly for a price that varies. That is, the honey base has a cost of 200 coins depending on the type of flower. And it is a little more expensive when it is transformed into mead, although you will not be able to prepare it in winter.

Finally, we must mention that some crops can also be very lucrative and bring you great benefits.