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Importance of turning your fish in Stardew Valley

 Fishing is one of the most popular activities in the Stardew Valley community and as such, there is a wide variety of fish available. As more captures are made, players will be able to increase their level and unlock different abilities; they will also be able to complete lots, earn some money by selling them, and even make different recipes that provide health and energy.

Best recipes with Fish

The different dishes that can be made will depend on the player's fishing level. Converting your fish is important because it is a way to restore energy and health, plus some of them provide certain bonuses but keep in mind that the dishes will be better and more complex, the higher the level of fishing.

When you unlock the Cooking skill, one of the first dishes you must prepare is Trout Soup, whose recipe can be obtained from the La Reina de la Salsa cooking channel. To be able to do it, you only need a Rainbow Trout and a Green Algae, this grants a fishing bonus and you also get 100 gold for it.

Importance of turning your fish in Stardew Valley

Similarly, there is the High Seas Dish that is obtained after completing the level three Special Fish Bundle; In order to prepare this dish, players need two Sardines and Sweet Potato Croquettes. This dish offers a +3 fishing bonus and its sell value is 220.

The Sea Foam Pudding is the most complex appetizer on the Pelican Island culinary menu. To be able to make this recipe you need to be level 9 in Fishing and you also need to have upgraded the Casa de Campo. This dish provides a +4 fishing bonus and sells for 300g, however, it will be worth the effort.