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Items you could catch by fishing in Stardew Valley

 While fishing in the different areas of Stardew Valley, players can get more than just fish, you can also get different items in Treasure Chests or Crab Traps. The amount of items you can find is abundant and each one has different uses, and in some cases, the mastery of the player's Rod will even be put to the test.

Best items you can get

Typically, you can catch trash like broken glasses, driftwood, broken CDs, and soggy newspapers. These often appear while fishing or in Crab Traps.

However, there are notable items within the Treasure Chests, upon obtaining them players will be rewarded with a randomly chosen item, these may vary and while some depend on the level of Fishing experience, others require meeting certain special requirements.

There are many objects that can be found in them, some of the most common are Wood, Coal, and Seeds. They may also contain weapons and tools, but some are only found exclusively this way, such is the case with the Glaive of Neptune; To be able to use this weapon, it is necessary to have a fishing level of 2 or more.

Items you could catch by fishing in Stardew Valley

Different types of footwear also appear in the chest, which is useful when it comes to gaining defense and immunity. The Genius Shoes are a nice reward, maybe not as much defense, but their immunity is +6.

Finally, the Disguised Spinner is one of the hardest items to get from Chests. In such a way that in order to have it, the Fishing level must be 6 or more, in addition, it must be cast as far as possible from the Rod.