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Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Walkthrough: Game Guide

 Complete walkthrough of Marvel's Spider-Man storyline

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is the highly anticipated PC port of a major PlayStation exclusive. In this detailed guide, we will tell you how to complete the game's story campaign.

clear the way

Marvel's Spider-Man picks up a fast pace right off the bat, so within two minutes of hitting the start button, we'll be racing through the streets of Manhattan on a police call. Arriving in Times Square, Spider finds himself in the middle of a shootout between Fisk's goons and the police. We help law enforcement agencies to defeat the criminals, after which we penetrate the villain's tower.

Main event

Once in the lobby of the Fisk tower, we engage in battle with another pack of bandits and then deal with a group of shooters that will run out onto the balcony. Having provided a safe passage for the assault squad, we penetrate the ventilation through the elevator shaft. At the exit from it, another crowd of opponents will be waiting for us. Having risen one level higher, we will find ourselves at the door of the server room. We get there through the ventilation, the entrance to which is located at the top.

Inside the Spider, an unpleasant surprise will await - a bomb with a running countdown. Before we can disable it, we first need to deal with the thugs, keeping them within 48 seconds. Fortunately, there will be few enemies, so the task looks more than doable.

Unfortunately, there were several bombs in the building, and a minute later the upper floors would be engulfed in flames. On the spot, we help civilians get out from under the rubble, after which we again engage in a fight with the bandits, simultaneously moving to the top of the tower. The enemy, by this moment, manages to acquire a grenade launcher, therefore, we act as carefully as possible. Having reached the glamorous purple doors, we tear them out with a web, and then we make our way through the rubble, using the spider parkour technique.

After a couple of dozen enemies, the hero still encounters Fisk in his office. In the first of the three stages of the boss fight, we need to break the glass behind which the villain is hiding. To do this, we envelop the turrets hidden in the columns with a web, and at the moment of a ceasefire we tear them out and throw them right on target. The second phase is directly hand-to-hand combat with the boss. The tactics here are also extremely simple: with a massive fire of the web, we deprive him of the ability to move, after which we pull ourselves up to him and strike, dodging his series of attacks along the way. Occasionally, Fisk will throw heavy objects - we can easily send them back. The final phase is a spectacular and rather simple QTE (by the way, they can be turned off in the settings menu). As a result, the well-known crime boss of New York will go to jail, but we will go to other important cases.

My TOTALLY different job

Superhero activity is, of course, an honorable occupation, but you still need to pay bills. Therefore, Parker hastily goes to work in the research laboratory of Otto Octavius. On the spot, we have to fix the breakage of the experimental prosthesis. After examining the mechanism, the young scientist will identify three types of malfunctions: a damaged servo circuit, a disconnected servo motor, and an imbalance in the power voltage. Well, let's start with the repair.

This process is a separate mini-game. In the first one, we need to restore the power circuit by traversing the path from the current source to the consumer using the available components.

The servomotor is connected according to the same principle, only unidirectional components are used here.

And when repairing the last malfunction, it is necessary to ensure that the required voltage rating comes to the current consumer.

Having successfully repaired the prosthesis, then we step to the spectrograph. As you already understood, this is another kind of local mini-games. Here we need to identify an unknown substance by its absorption spectrum. To do this, you need to match the fragments of the substance with the template.

On this, Peter's working hours officially end, so we can safely leave the laboratory.

On guard of the world

From this moment, a series of missions starts, designed to introduce players to side activities in the open world of the game. After talking with Yuri Watanabe on the roof of the police station, we again have to start repairing - this time the security towers. They, as usual in such games, open a map of the area. As soon as we deal with the first tower (you need to select the required wavelength by rotating the sticks), the Spider will immediately receive a message about a burglary.

Having dealt with the unfortunate bandits on the spot, we go to the next crime - robbery. There, at some point, we have to save the hostage by pointing the stick to the desired area and pressing R1.

The next stop is the second guard tower. The restored signal will lead us to Peter Parker's forgotten backpack, a local collectible. Well, then we set off to stop the last crime for today, which is the robbery of a jewelry store. Having defeated the bandits and soon repaired the third tower in Chinatown, we will successfully complete this training mission.

old and new

Another task in which Peter Parker replaces his alter ego. Here, all our activity will come down to interacting with the hero's working computer and creating a new Spider-Man costume in a special menu.

Fisk's cache

On a tip from Yuri Watanabe, Spider-Man goes to a construction site owned by Fisk. The goal is to conduct an investigation in order to identify the conduct of illegal cases on its territory. Having reached the place, Dr. Octavius ​​will contact us, who will give the hero the drawings of a new gadget - a shocking web. We will be offered to try it out on Fisk's mercenaries guarding the construction site. Having carried out the initial tests of the gadget, we proceed to complete the cleaning of the area.


This tutorial mission will introduce us to side activities related to the sights of Manhattan. Having reached the indicated point, the hero will have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building - one of the most famous places in New York. We take a beautiful picture and thus complete the mission.

Very good friend

In "A Very Good Friend", Peter Parker decides to visit Aunt May. Having reached the place of her work, which is a homeless shelter, we step into the kitchen at the far end of the room, where we meet Martin Lee, Mei's immediate superior. After the conversation, some solemn event will follow, which Peter will be forced to leave in its midst. As usual.

Do not touch the exhibits

Another call from Yuri Watanabe leads Spider-Man to Wilson Fisk's auction house. On the spot, he meets mysterious mercenaries in creepy masks who have taken a girl hostage. Of course, we need to release her.

We start our journey in the house with ventilation. Having got out into the hall, we notice one of the mercenaries under us. We bring him closer to our position with the help of a web throw, after which we quietly eliminate him. Then we move to the next room through the ventilation, where we neutralize two more opponents.

Once in the next moment in the warehouse, we distract one mercenary by throwing a web into a nearby box, and then we safely clean the room. Soon, the hero will find a camera on one of the shelves and at the same second he will meet his old friend Mary Jane. The subsequent story of the heroine about her presence here is made in the form of a small stealth episode.

So, having taken control of MJ, we have to take a series of photos of expensive exhibits, following the manager. At some point, the girl will be forced to answer the phone by going to Fisk's office. The open door will allow us to take a forbidden picture of the mysterious statue.

Next, Mary Jane decides to sneak into the office. To do this, we hide behind the exhibits, tables and carts, so successfully placed along the room on the right side. Having climbed into the office, first of all we examine the picture on the left wall, and then the brochure and catalog lying on the table. These items will help us get to the secret that the mysterious statue keeps.

So, in order to open the cache, we need to set the exhibit in the correct position. To do this, we place his body parts in accordance with the image in the catalog and put an item from the brochure in his hand (see screenshot).

Do not touch the exhibits

Having successfully completed the puzzle, Spider-Man will again be under control. We get out into the hall with the exhibits and begin a systematic cleaning of the premises, using the tricks that we learned at the beginning of the mission.

Shocking return

Not having time to rest after the mess at Fisk's auction house, Spider-Man again goes to investigate the incident in the city. This time the rustle in Manhattan was caused by the villain Shocker, who decided to rob a bank. Arriving at the place, the Spider will be forced to immediately rush in pursuit of the criminal.

The capture of the fugitive will take place in two stages. At the first, the Shocker will simply run away from us, making multi-meter jumps along the streets and roofs of buildings. At that moment, when we shorten the distance, we press the "triangle", thereby pressing the villain to the ground. This, however, will only anger the Shocker, therefore, having escaped from the capture, he will begin to shoot back with energy beams. Therefore, during the repeated pursuit, do not forget to dodge the fire in time.


After successfully capturing the Shocker, Spider-Man decides to continue investigating the incident at the auction house. Therefore, together with the evidence, we go for advice from Martin Lee. Having reached the shelter, we step into his office, and show the find, after which we safely leave the building of P.I.R.

Unforgettable day

An unforgettable day will turn for Peter to lose his job with Dr. Octavius. We will find out about this when we arrive at the research laboratory after Otto's call.

Harry's Favorite Project

In an attempt to take his mind off life's failures, Spider-Man decides to check out Harry Osborn's Science Station, another side activity in the game. Having found a mini-laboratory on the roof, we go inside and activate the "Smog Hunt" task.

The first step is to collect eight samples of the hazardous chemicals that have formed clumps of poisonous smoke in the air. To do this, all you need to do is fly through them. The next (and final) step is to take photos of the chimney and the two cars driving around.

financial shock

As it turns out, the prison bars could not hold back the Shocker for a long time, and, having escaped to freedom, he again decides to rob. This time we find him directly in the bank building, so the villain has no choice but to fight.

The boss fight will take place in three stages. On the first one, we dodge the Shocker beams and his jumping attacks (he resorts to them if we get close) until he makes a powerful attack on our position. This blow deprives the villain of strength for a while, giving us time to throw a piece of concrete at him. After that, we pull ourselves up to him with a web and begin to peel him.

In the second stage, Shocker will decide to change his signature blow, replacing it with a constant shock wave covering a solid area of ​​​​the arena. At this moment, we need to jump in time, then grab a concrete block in the air and throw it at the enemy.

The last step is the fastest. Here the Shocker, having lost the ability to move, will launch a massive attack with beams. For the final victory, we need to bring down a giant chandelier on his head, pulling down a pair of hanging columns.

tangled ball

After surviving a second run-in with the villain, Spider-Man returns to the "Demons" case, which leads him to an old shipyard owned by Fisk. After we deal with the guards, police officer Jefferson Davis will join the investigation.

So, the first thing we need is to get to the shipyard. To do this, use the ventilation grill behind the building or a window on the roof. Once inside, we provide passage to officer Davis. To do this, we select the electric shock of the policeman and in the gadgets menu, we create an electric web, with which we feed the shield located on the right side of the doors.

Now that everything is in place, you can start exploring the shipyard for anything illegal. Before he gets inside, Officer Davis discovers a secret place in a shipping container. To open it, we power the shield located at the top (track it by pressing R3).

We will find the next cache container in the corner on the second tier.

First, we raise our partner on the elevator, and then we go in search of two electrical panels. We find one on the ceiling at the opposite end of the room, and the other is at the elevator shaft directly opposite our container. The latter will be blocked by an elevator, so it will need to be raised by scrolling the mechanism with the help of a web.

In the end, the guys will open a secret door leading to Fisk's secret vault. On the spot we examine the highlighted objects, after which we leave the room through the back door. The final stage of the mission is a fight with Martin Lee's thugs and the subsequent pursuit of a truck.

Home Sweet Home

After raiding Fisk's hiding places, Spider-Man decides to head home. Alas, the hero still does not have a chance to rest calmly, and after a minute he suddenly finds himself at the municipal garage. The task is simple - to get inside. As usual, we use the ventilation, which is located on the right side of the building.

Having examined the garbage truck on the spot, the hero does not find the right thing, therefore he goes in search of other garbage trucks to the city.

We will find the next two trucks at the family pizzeria. One will stand right at the entrance, and the other will be on the right side at the intersection ahead.

Having not found the thing we were looking for here, we set off to the last point of an exciting night adventure - an incinerator. We deal with local hooligans on the spot and soon notice a pile of black bags dumped. We rake the pile with the help of a web and thus find the thing necessary for Parker.


Night adventures continue. This time, the Spider, having received a strange voice message, finds himself on the roof of the building, where he discovers a message from his old acquaintance. She decides to throw trouble on our hero, offering to play a game with her. The task is to use a camera installed on the edge of the roof to find a figurine in the form of a black cat in the area and take a picture of it. However, no problems are foreseen here, since when you hover over the desired area, the gamepad starts to vibrate, and the toy itself at the same time gives a reflection that is clearly visible from afar. Also, a graffiti portrait of our friend on the walls of buildings testifies to the approximate location of the figurine.

Accommodation search

The night epic ends safely on the mission "Search for the night", where Spider-Man finds shelter in the Martin Lee shelter.

Straw and camel

And again, our hero is drawn into a showdown between Fisk's people and the Demon gang. This time, a direct confrontation takes place at a multi-story construction site, where we need to save six foremen working for the Kingpin. To do this, we systematically eliminate the groups of "Demons", following the indicated marks.

Soon, Spider-Man will enter into a confrontation with a helicopter. After an unsuccessful attempt to prevent takeoff, the hero has no choice but to start the pursuit. Trying not to slow down and dodging missiles, we need to close the distance in order to catch on to the cargo of the helicopter. At the end of a series of cut-scenes, the Spider finds himself directly on the transport itself and decides to deactivate the engines. To do this, we move to the sides of the helicopter and, dodging the enemy's blow, we sequentially destroy two engines, after which we carefully park the transport, pressing the pop-up buttons in time.

And the award goes to...

In the mission "And the award is presented ..." Peter Parker receives an invitation to the award ceremony for Officer Davis. But, unfortunately, the celebration will soon be overshadowed by a horrific tragedy, as a result of which our hero will be seriously injured. At this moment, control suddenly passes to the son of officer Davis - Miles Morales, who needs to find his mother.

So, standing up, we go around the obstacle on the road, passing through the cafe on the left side. Going outside again, we notice Miles' mother and pull her out from under the rubble, after which we set off in search of our father. Here our task is somewhat complicated since Martin Lee's thugs arrived at the place and began to finish off the survivors. We jump off the dilapidated platform and, keeping to the shelters, we move along the right side to the porch of the town hall. Having successfully avoided detection, our hero will almost safely find his father.

dual purpose

A monstrous terrorist attack in the town hall forces the Spider to come to grips with the case of the "Demons". Having found out that Martin Lee is behind all this, the hero decides to find evidence. So we find ourselves in a recycling center. On the spot, we deal with the guards outside the building and then look for a way to get inside. To open the door, we need to find and power four electrical panels that are located on the territory of the center.

Further, having entered the main office through the ventilation, we study the evidence, after which we go to the building of the Consolidated Shipping company. Here we act according to the same scheme: first we eliminate the guards that patrol the territory from the outside, then we penetrate into the office, breaking the front doors, and inspect the evidence on the spot.

secret plans

In an attempt to bring Martin Lee to clean water, the Spider decides to search the personal office in the P.I.R. shelter. After a short conversation with Aunt May, we step to the villain's office. As expected, the door will be locked, but the ventilation for our hero is always open. Having penetrated the narrow communications, we notice a secret room through the bars a little ahead. The further path to the office will be blocked by an electrical discharge, which is eliminated by deactivating the electrical panel with a shocking web.

So, once in the office, we now need to open the passage to the secret room we noticed. It is located behind the altar with a photo of Mr. Lee's parents. First of all, we find the key in the diary lying on the table. Having opened the door with a photo for them, a certain mechanism with a two-color image will appear before our eyes. The task is to set the Yin-Yang symbol by rotating three discs in succession.

The step-by-step solution to the puzzle is as follows:

  1. Rotate the leftmost disk twice.
  2. Rotate the rightmost disk four times.
  3. We rotate the central disk until the required symbol is formed.

As a result, the secret room will no longer be a secret, and we will be able to learn more about Lee's insidious plans. We find the necessary evidence on the villain's table and the board behind it.

And of course, no self-respecting villain would leave such important information like that, therefore, in the next second, the whole room will be energized. We find two electrical panels in the room and deactivate them with a special web, after which we go down through the bars to the utility room and, as if nothing had happened, we go out into the corridor.

New stage

At some point, Peter remembers that he has a real job with obligations. Arriving at Otto's laboratory, we just have to once again assemble a simple power chain. However, for the heroes, solving this puzzle will prove to be a major breakthrough in their research.

Dinner date

Mary Jane tries to keep up with Peter in matters of heroic deeds. As it turned out, MJ's personal investigation led her to the garage of the leader of local bikers named Tombstone in order to break into his office and find out all the details of a secret order for Martin Lee.

Here, the stealth mechanics for Peter's girlfriend acquires new features. Now we can distract opponents by interacting with the elements of the environment. We will need to distract the first two enemies we meet by dropping toolboxes. The next enemy, which will block the path through the flyover, is taken aside by turning off the yellow generator.

Having made our way forward, then we carefully go around the encountered enemies behind their backs, trying not to touch the boxes and step on broken glass. We will eventually make it to the office safely. On the spot, we take a picture of the drawing and pick up the GPS tracker from the table, after which we quickly leave the enemy territory.


Once again, Spider-Man goes on an emergency call. This time, a gang of "Demons" organized an attack on Osborn's tower. Arriving at the place, first of all we deal with a group of thugs on the street, after which we penetrate the building. Once in a spacious parking lot, we clean it from another pack of "Demons" and begin the procession to the top of the tower along the elevator shaft.

In total, the hero will have to overcome three such sections, each of which will throw up its own difficulties. On the first one, the enemies will look at the mine from our side, so there won't be any problems here. On the second, there will be enemies from both sides - in this situation, we eliminate the nearest opponents, trying not to fall under the rays of the lanterns from the back. In the third section, stealth goes to hell, so we just run up as fast as we can, dodging incendiary mixtures and falling elevators. Having finally reached the penthouse, we clean it and talk with a scientist who will inform the hero of important news.

What's in the box?

And again, a new side activity in the open world. This time, a certain Brigadier decides to get to the bottom of the unfortunate Spider. He, being strongly impressed by the hero's abilities, prepared a series of tests for him. And the first one tests our speed. So, in the test, we need to get to the marked bombs and "deactivate" them in the allotted time. The main difficulty here lies in the precise landing next to the bomb, which, fortunately, has a point of attraction. Therefore, being next to it, we press a bunch of L2 and R2, which will pull us directly to the bomb, and immediately after we hold L1 and R1.

back to school

After receiving a tip from Standish, we go to the university party in search of Dr. Delaney. Since Halloween is all around, our costume fits in perfectly with the local aesthetic. So, once in the main courtyard, we step to the left, where we notice Mysterio's lair not far from the dance floor. Having caught up with the unfortunate villain on the spot, we receive a tip from him and follow it to the platform with the Vulture, which will indicate the direction to the person we need.

Alas, in the race for Dr. Delaney, we will come second, so let's start shadowing. Having climbed into the building through the window, we deal with the group of "Demons", and then we continue to monitor the doctor's movement through the ventilation. Next, we are expected to have a showdown with opponents in the laboratory, after which the battle will move to the server room. At the exit from the university campus, a fight will again await us, but this time with zombie students (thanks to Mr. Lee).

spider hack

Under cover of night, Spider-Man arrives at Norman Osborn's main tower. However, this time, getting into the building belonging to the mayor of the city will be somewhat more difficult. All because of the increased security measures of Sobol.

So, in order to get to Osborn's office, we need to sequentially disable four security modules. It is not difficult to find them, since they are clearly distinguished by spider sense by analogy with electrical panels. By disabling the first module, snipers will begin to view the building. So we make our way to the next module, carefully crawling past the laser pointers. Disabling the second module will activate reconnaissance drones that will cover larger areas of the building. Well, after turning off the third, a helicopter will fly in, equipped with a giant searchlight. So, having passed all the obstacles on the way to the last module, we penetrate the mayor's office. On the spot, we study the slides on his work computer, after which we share our findings with Mary Jane.

Without an invitation

And again, MJ comes into play. This time, the brave reporter infiltrates the Sable base, where she needs to find Charles Standish. For this stealth section, MJ has acquired sound lures. In fact, we test them on a guard standing near the entrance to the base territory.

We take the next patrol away from the stairs. Climbing up it, we will stumble upon a screen with photographs of scientists working on the "Devil's Breath". We take a picture and continue moving deeper into the base. Having gone down to the open tent, we distract the mercenary with the help of a generator and quietly slip behind his colleague. Further, seeing an open container ahead, you should wait until the patrol on the right side passes in our direction. Then the two will be near the toolbox.

A jeep will help us in the subsequent run to the stairs. When he starts moving, hide behind him on the side. At the top, two guards will block our way. We distract both with bait and go down, thus reaching the finish line. On the spot, first we take a photo of another piece of evidence, and then, seeing Standish's tent ahead, we move towards it on the right side of the territory. Along the way, we use both baits and boxes - everything that turns out to be convenient.

Strong ties

And work calls again. Throwing on a white coat, Parker comes to Otto's laboratory, where another series of familiar mini-games awaits us. After we deal with the problems with the prototype, Dr. Octavius ​​will advise us to read the magazine. We will find him in the scientist's office. See the screenshots below for the solution to all mini-games.

First day

After recovering from the tragedy, Miles still decides to visit P.I.R., where he got a job. Before we are given control of the hero, in the role of the Spider, we will have to protect the guy from street thugs.

So, despite the triviality of the task - just to reach the shelter - the path will not be easy. All because of the Sobol checkpoints placed right along the road. Not wanting to vegetate in line at the inspection, Miles decides to go straight behind the patrolmen. In this, the hero relies on his hacking application, which he decides to use at the first roadblock. Having deactivated the reconnaissance drone for a while, we jump over the fence and quietly pass forward along the right side. The exit from the checkpoint will be blocked by a guard. We distract him by activating the drone, which lies on pallets nearby.

The last protected area is passed through scaffolding. There we turn off two drones in succession, and then we take the patrolman at the fence to the side, breaking into a nearby armored car.

Conflict of interests

Anticipating something bad, Spider-Man decides to follow the transportation of the "Devil's Breath", organized by Silver Sable. Of course, the Sable guys give in to the arriving "Demons": Martin Lee's people steal the substance and take it away in a giant armored car. Looks like we need to intervene.

Dodging grenade launcher shells, we reduce the distance to the car, after which we get to the roof of the armored car with a web strike. Having dealt with all the thugs on the spot, then we switch to the cars of the support group, and then we return to the main transport, where we begin to move to the cabin.

Mister Negative, being ready for such a meeting, immerses Spider-Man in terrible hallucinations, where we have to fight the villain. Having reached the arena, pursuing his bright silhouette, we deal with his minions and weigh out a couple of blows directly to Lee. In an attempt to protect themselves, the enemy will create a giant mask that will throw projectiles right at us. By returning a couple back to the sender, the mask will be destroyed, and we will safely leave the poisoned halls of the mind and stop the movement of the armored car.

The one who hid

Once again, Mary Jane comes into play. Arriving at the Ozcorp technology exhibition, which takes place at the central station, the heroine needs to find a device with which to spray the "Devil's Breath". We will find it at the end of the main hall on the left side.

In the next minute, all visitors to the exhibition will be taken hostage, including MJ. Fortunately, Spider-Man will soon arrive to help, with whom we will have to work closely, supplying him with information about the situation inside the building. First, we warn the hero about the presence of drones, and then we point to an additional entry point to the station (see screenshots).

The one who hid

The one who hid

The one who hid

As soon as the Spider is inside, we give him a signal and in the general confusion, we get to the control panel for all the drones. Although the plan was good, it went according to a slightly different scenario: the heroine would be captured and taken away from the main crowd of hostages. However, MJ successfully escapes supervision and decides to defuse the bomb himself. Not without Peter's help, of course.

From now on, we get the opportunity to mark lonely opponents for the Spider to eliminate. We will test such a useful privilege on the nearest pair of thugs. We take one of them aside with the help of sound traps, and then we remove both of them one by one.

Following this scheme, we need to get to the opposite end of the hall. It will be easiest to move on the right side.

Having reached the checkpoint, Martin Lee activates the bomb, so we hurriedly move towards it.

Now we have to play sapper. To defuse explosives, you need to disconnect four wires in the correct sequence (see screenshot).

The one who hid

As soon as the explosion is prevented, we will return Spider-Man to our control and set off to clear the station from the "Demons".

The last stage of the mission is the battle with Martin Li on the subway train. In the first phase of the battle, the usual combination of “evasion-web-strike” acts as a working tactic. In the second, we need to dodge away from his vertical shock wave several times in a row, and then strike when he runs out of breath. A horizontal wave will follow: we evade it by jumping up. In subsequent phases, the rules will remain the same, only here Mister Negative will alternate between the types of shock waves.


The last mission in the game from the series is "Help Dr. Octavius ​​fix all sorts of things." This time, Parker will debug the neural interface that controls Otto's tentacles.


Shortly after visiting the lab, Peter goes to visit Aunt May at the orphanage.

From fire...

And again we return to heroic deeds. After receiving a disturbing message about the loss of the "Devil's Breath", Spider-Man arrives on the scene and then goes to put down the uprising in the prison. Having reached the island, we first clean the yard from opponents, after which we move to the prison building. We move forward on the spot, simultaneously eliminating violent prisoners and getting acquainted with representatives of the famous Sinister Six. The first villain encountered will be Electro, who will be ambushed by Spider-Man in pursuit.

... yes in the fire

The rebellion organized by the villains in the prison led to riots in New York, which Spider is trying with all his might to stop together with law enforcement agencies. First of all, Yuri asks the hero to help the police from two departments. Here we are free to choose which one to move to in the first place. Heading for the department on the right side, we will find that the police building is engulfed in current, which is supplied by five huge transformers. We need to destroy them in order to free the police imprisoned inside.

The situation in the second department looks a little better - you just need to deal with groups of prisoners that have surrounded the entire building from different sides. After assisting the police, then we go to the aid of May and Miles.

On the trail

In this mission, the Spider will have to send back behind bars the first pair of villains - Electro and Vulture. But first, we need to find Otto's underground laboratory near Times Square. So, having arrived at the place, we get the go-ahead to conduct our own investigation. The first piece of evidence is a sign of the demonstrators, on the back of which we will find traces of the "Devil's Breath". After identifying the substance in the traditional mini-game, the Spider will find several traces of fumes in the form of plumes.

One of them will lead us to the Octopus's lair, where we will get through the hatch on the roof of the building.

Having climbed into the shelter, the first thing we study is the planning map, which is located at the end of the room. To do this, you need to supply power to the ultraviolet lamp by activating the electrical panel. We study the plan, having examined all the marked areas, after which we step to the entrance to the shelter, where we find a box with the inscription "Icarus" nearby.

Soon after that, a fluttering couple - Electro and the Vulture - will come to visit the Spider, who will have to fight. Electro attacks first. The arsenal of his techniques is limited only to lightning shots and the creation of pillars of energy (we stop their flow by cutting down the transformer). Well, in order to approach an electrified enemy, it’s enough just to treat him with a couple of shots from the injectors, and then inflict a web blow. It's even easier with the Vulture: after dodging his shots with feathers and a sharp attack, we shoot with a web and are attracted to him.

Poison streets

After sending the first batch of villains back to prison, Spider follows Scorpion to a reservoir in the park. Unfortunately, meeting with him will turn into serious poisoning for the hero. The task is to find an antidote. First of all, we need to take a height so as not to fall into the green mud that fills the streets of the city. On the spot, we analyze the substance and go for two components for the medicine.

Finding both ingredients will be accompanied by powerful seizures, where we need to follow Dr. Octavius ​​in surreal-looking locations.

Having collected the necessary components and reached the laboratory, the next arrival will send us to the arena, where we have to fight with several copies of the Scorpion.


Miles Morales, having become a full-fledged hero of the game, painfully approached his work responsibly. So responsible that he decided to get antibiotics on his own in Reno. The first stage of the stealth mission will turn out to be quite simple: all the opponents we meet will be alone, so it will not be difficult to remove them from the road. But with the next misfortune, you will have to sweat, because the Rhino himself will follow the trail of Miles.

As soon as we are given control, we hide behind the green boxes in front, after which we distract Rino who burst into us by breaking into an industrial lamp and jump into the sewer. In the next section, the villain will be directly in front of us, moving in our direction in zigzags from one pile of boxes to another. We, to get around it, do the same. Finally, after reaching the last collision point, we break open the loader on the left side and run into the marked container. On the spot, the path to the rescue point will be blocked, however, Reno will kindly release the passage for us if we hack the radio, which is a little ahead.


Well, it's time to send the second batch of villains to jail. Having reached the fold zone at the pier, we will immediately engage in a fight with the Rhino. He will not be able to directly inflict damage, and he does not react to the web in any way. But the location is full of heavy objects, such as cranes, containers, boxes and other things that just ask to fall on his head. Actually, that's how we do it. As soon as Rino is next to such an object, we knock it over the villain's head, after which we inflict strong cuffs. After repeating the procedure several times, Scorpio will arrive in time to help. Unlike the Rhino, it responds well to shots from injectors, therefore, a couple of hits will make it vulnerable to our attacks.

Come visit…

Mary Jane - five minutes to a professional spy - decides to make her most daring penetration. Her goal is to get into Norman Osborn's penthouse. Due to increased security measures, the elevators in the building are disabled, so we need to activate them. This can be done only through the security room, the entrance to which, pardon the pun, is guarded. So we're trying to get inside. In this, we will be helped by dissatisfied guests that hang around next to the security room. After we encourage the people to revolt, we run inside under the guise. On the spot, we find a stun gun on the shelf, with the help of which we sequentially eliminate three representatives of Sobol. Next, we raise the alarm by pressing the button on the main computer, after which we return to the lobby and go into the elevator.

So, once in the mayor's penthouse, we step into the left side of the huge apartments, where we find a creepy mask, whose technological visor will point to a secret room.

That's where we need to get to. The door lock is located behind the picture, and the key is the code. We will find a clue to it nearby, on the dining table near the window.

She will point us to the diary, in which the desired code is written. We find him in the private room of Harry Osborn, which is located in another part of the penthouse. And we will find the key to the door in the photograph of Norman's wife in his bedroom. Unlocking the door to Harry's room, as a result, we find the diary, after which we return to the secret door.

Alas, the Sobol people will block the way back. As before, we distract them with the help of sound baits, and we neutralize the patrollers loitering alone with a shocker. Having finally got into the secret room, which turned out to be the biochemical center, we approach the holographic map. It requires you to set the correct positions in three sections, thus revealing the desired building.

As a result of certain events, we will urgently need to go back to the second part of the penthouse. There, the heroine, going out onto the balcony, will jump from the roof out of hopelessness. Fortunately, right into the hands of Spider-Man.

Essence of the question

Determined to put an end to the unrest, Spider-Man goes to Oscorp Labs to retrieve Martin Lee. Arriving at the place, we get rid of his thugs and assistants of the Sable, after which we go into the building. On the spot, a hallucinogenic parish, arranged by Mister Negative, awaits us again. After following him through scattered parts of familiar locations, the action will soon be transferred to reality, where Spider-Man will enter into a boss battle.

In the first stage, Martin Li mainly delivers a series of sword strikes. After a couple of combinations, the enemy will weaken and open up for our attack. Soon, his arsenal of techniques will be replenished with a couple of long-range strikes and the appearance of a giant demon in the company of frail minions. Nevertheless, even such an impressive list of his tricks will not add any special difficulties: it is easy to dodge any attacks, and an object thrown at the forehead immediately deprives the villain of any protection.

Pax in bello

The time has come for the final disassembly, which means it’s worth coming to it in full dress. Therefore, we step into the laboratory, where we make ourselves a new suit, after which we go to a rendezvous with Doctor Octopus. Despite the fact that the enemy has as many as four mechanical tentacles, the tactics of dealing with him are almost indistinguishable from battles with other bosses. To force the enemy to open up for our attack, we use the web or surrounding objects. After dealing a certain amount of damage to Otto, he will plunge the entire arena into flames. At this moment, we soar into the air and wait for the moment when the villain starts throwing pieces of the burning tower at us, after which we throw them back.

Soon the fight will move to a different plane, where for the final victory we need to deliver several series of blows, making a number of successful dodges. Ultimately, Doctor Octopus will be defeated, the city will be saved, and Peter will make a difficult decision in order to save everyone. Game completed.

PS Following the tradition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the developers left two secret scenes after the credits. Do not miss!