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Most lucrative crops in Stardew Valley

 We must bear in mind that crops are plants that grow from their seed in order to be collected in order to have some benefit, food or simply to give away their fruit. Stardew Valley has as a rule that each crop must be stationary, to make them more rotational, with the exception of "multi-seasonal" crops such as coffee beans, sunflowers, corn, wheat, and ancient fruit.

lucrative crops

Among the crops that we can harvest, the ones that give us the best economy when trading with them are garlic (fast growth), buying its seed for 40 gold and selling for 60 to 90 gold, this would be the cheapest on the list; then we find kale (fast grower), buying for 70 or 87 gold and selling for 110 to 165.

Strawberry ( medium growth and double picking) is bought at the egg festival for 100 gold and can be sold for 120 to 180 gold. Cauliflower (slow grower ) is bought for 80-100 gold and sells for 175-262 gold. Rhubarb (slow growth) is bought for 100 gold and can be sold for 220 to 330 gold.

Most lucrative crops in Stardew Valley

The melon (slow growth) is bought from 80 to 100 gold and is sold between 250 and 375 gold. The pumpkin (slow growth) is bought from 100 to 125 gold and can be traded between 320 and 480 gold. The carambola (slow growth) is bought for 400 gold and can be traded between 750 and 1125 gold and finally, the sweet gem berry is bought for 1000 gold and selling for 3000 to 4500.

Finally, it is very important that you take into account that some foods can increase your energy, while others decrease it; so you will have to avoid them if you want to conserve your energy and not reach exhaustion.