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Objects for fishing in Stardew Valley

 Within the wide range of possibilities that Stardew Valley offers, fishing has a level of complexity that, once mastered, can become a useful skill that can be used to the fullest, and it will also be necessary for some missions and even, to obtain important treasures.

Catching a fish is similar to a minigame, it depends on the fishing area, under specific conditions, and with different levels and requirements.

Items needed to fish

The basic tool for fishing are the rods; These are purchased at the Fishing Store for different costs. The first to be used is the Bamboo Cane, it is free and is delivered by Willy.

At fishing level 2, the Glass Rod is available which allows you to use baits. Also at level 5 the training rod and finally, at level 6 you get the iridium rod that allows you to use baits and tackle; these last two are also necessary when fishing.

Bait can be equipped on the Fiberglass Rod, Iridium Rod, or placed in a Crab Trap, all of which require it; Although in the rods its use is not necessary, it can improve the player's fishing. They can be manufactured based on insect meat, slime, and vegetable fiber.

Objects for fishing in Stardew Valley

For its part, the Gears are placed on the rods in order to facilitate fishing, as the level increases, new ones have unlocked that grant certain advantages to the player. It should be noted that the algae are obtained through fishing, they are collected immediately and used in cooking.

Finally, if you want to know what the fishing skill offers, we tell you here, so you don't miss any details and you can get the most out of it.