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Places to fish in Stardew Valley

 If you are interested in developing the Fishing skill in Stardew Valley, keep in mind certain areas designed in order to provide some advantages when it comes to catching fish. The player can fish almost any body of water in the game and although the fish vary depending on the circumstances in which you decide to cast your line, there are some better areas that will help you find more fish and you can even get some rare, valuable and better fish. quality.

Best areas for fishing

The video game has sectors of water where players can engage in fishing and some are capable of providing quality fish. Certain fish are only found under specific places, times, seasons, and climates, so it's all a matter of knowing when and where to fish.

A good place is the Sewers. Although there is little variety there when trying to fish you will easily get an item or a Carp, which are also quick to catch and will also allow you to level up quickly.

Now if what you want is to get a variety of fish, we recommend that you visit the Ocean, the River or the Lake; In these places, mainly the Ocean and in the Summer season, you will find different fish available such as the Puffer Fish, the Tilapia, and the legendary Crimson Fish

Places to fish in Stardew Valley

In the autumn and spring season, it is advisable to go to the River, since there are nutritious and good-value fish such as Salmon and Tarpon. For its part, in the winter season one of the best areas is Mountain Lake, where fish such as Long Cod and Perch are available; In addition to itself, in this place, you can find many types of fish.

It should be noted that rainy days benefit you in terms of the variety of fish that can appear.