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Rumbleverse Manage friends list and invite teammates - Game Guide

 In Rumbleverse you can not only compete alone but also as a duo. In order not to play with strangers, you can invite your friends. We'll show you how to find your fellow players in Rumbleverse and add them to your friend's list.

Rumbleverse Manage friends list and invite teammates - Game Guide

Link your Epic account

Since Rumbleverse offers cross-platform play, also known as crossplay, you have to consider a few peculiarities in order to be able to play together with your friends.

If you only play with other players on the same platform, you can skip this step. However, linking your Epic account is necessary if, for example, your friends are playing on the PC, but you are on the PlayStation 5.

To do this, visit the Epic Games official website to link your accounts.

Add friends to the friends list

To see which of your friends are currently online, you can open the friends list. Use the P key on PC and R3 on consoles.

One problem with Rumbleverse is that you can't just add your in-game friends to the friends list. Instead, how you manage your contacts depends on your platform.

  • Friends List on PC: Because the game is tied to the Epic Games Store, your Rumbleverse Friends List is the same as your Epic Friends List. Note, however, that only friends who have started Rumbleverse will be displayed in the game.
  • Friends list on PlayStation and Xbox: The friends list is based on your contacts stored on your console account. For example, if you have someone in your PlayStation friends list who plays Rumbleverse, they will also appear in the game.
  • Cross-platform friend list: This requires connecting your account to the Epic account as described above. Then you have to download the Epic Games Launcher for the PC and manage your friends list this way.

to invite friends

Once all of your contacts have been saved in the friends list, inviting them is all the easier. Simply select duo mode from the main menu by toggling through the game modes with R/Quad/X.

After that, you can invite a friend from your friends list to your team by pressing Enter/X/A. Alternatively, you can open the friends list with the P/R3 key and recruit new players this way.