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Stardew Valley: Auto Harvester

 While starting out in the Stardew Valley Farm Simulator one of your daily tasks is milking, with practice and patience, you can go from having a Milk Pail to an Automatic Harvester. Experience points are obtained by performing all the daily tasks involved in caring for animals, which will help you access these new objects and tools in order to perform better in the game.

What is it and how to get it?

If you start to develop Livestock you will have to familiarize yourself with tasks such as milking Cows or collecting Eggs, tasks that despite their simplicity, the player must perform constantly and arduously with tools such as the Milk Bucket, which is obtained in the Rancho de Marnie per 1000g.

Only up to level 10 will it be possible to have the Automatic Harvester, which is a great advantage that can be very useful on the farm, since in addition to its main function of milking cows and goats, it is also in charge of shearing sheep and you can collect all the animal products depending on your location.

Stardew Valley: Auto Harvester

Upon reaching this level of Agriculture, you can buy the amount you want, each one is for sale for 25,000g at Marnie's Ranch, but they cannot be sold. Also occasionally, one can be obtained in the Skull Cavern.

It should be noted that the only places where it can be placed for its operation are the Stable and the Corral, in the first case it will be in charge of collecting Milk automatically, but its quality will depend on the Friendship Levels. On the other hand, in Corral, you can collect and store up to 36 different products, which will be available for review at any time.