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Stardew Valley: how to get Omnigeodes

 In the Pelican Town of the popular Stardew Valley title, one of the easiest ways to obtain resources and minerals is through Geodes. There is a special type where not only basic minerals and resources are found, but also contain some forage minerals and rare gems such as Prismatic Shard. Like the others, the Omni Geode needs to be opened by the Blacksmith to access the items inside. Below we provide more details.

Places where they are found

The main way to obtain an Omni Geode is by breaking rocks in different areas of the town, being the Mines and the Skull Cavern, places where they can be obtained on all floors. There is also a high chance of finding them in Coal Ghost or Haunted Skull loot; the latter only applies if the Safe lot has not been completed.

Another way is with the Copper Batea or the prizes available at any time from the Gancho Machine, located in the lobby of the Cinema. They can also be bought on Wednesdays at the Oasis, their owner Sandy will add it to the daily inventory and it will cost 1,000g, but she will only have three available while in the Krobus store, located in the Sewers, one can be found every day. Tuesday for 300g.

Stardew Valley: how to get Omnigeodes

Lastly, several are obtained as a reward through the octopuses. This happens when the Fish Pond reaches population number 9 and up to five can be obtained by completing the Boiler Room Geologist bundle.

It should be noted that Omni Geodes can be exchanged for other items with the Desert Trader and for every 100, Iridium Ore can be obtained to improve weapons.