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Stardew Valley: tips for your first harvest

 In Stardew Valley, crops are essential for you to progress through the game and survive on the farm. Therefore, it is necessary that you learn to take care of your crops and thus obtain the best results from them. Without a doubt, there are several factors that you will have to take into account, and here we will give you some practical, but useful advice if you want to obtain excellent harvests.

How do obtain a quality harvest?

If you want to obtain a quality harvest, you should follow the following tips:

  • Sow in the right season: There are three ideal times of the year to sow; these are classified in spring, summer, and autumn. Therefore, you should advise yourself on the crops that should be sown in these seasons.
  • Prepare the ground: before fertilizing, you must plow the area where you are going to grow your crop with a hoe.
  • Keep an eye out for crows: Crows often eat your crops, so we recommend placing scarecrows to prevent them from destroying them.
Stardew Valley: tips for your first harvest

  • Crop Quality – This is categorized into three tiers, which are: Normal, Silver, and Gold. Obviously the lowest is normal and the best crop is gold. Therefore, you will only be able to know the quality of your crop as soon as it is ready and has been harvested.
  • If you want even better crop quality, you should use fertilizers before sowing and of course, cultivate on the right date; as well as you can increase the ability of agriculture, in order to obtain a better quality in your crops.
On the other hand, you must keep in mind that the better the quality of your crop, the better profits you will have, since these are sold more expensive than those of normal quality or silver. Do not forget to water the crop! This is why watering cans play a very important role in crops.