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Stardew Valley: what are geodes and how to get them

 The geodes in Stardew Valley is a mineral with content inside, which you can get in the mine by exploring and breaking stones or rocks that are around the Pelican town. These geodes contain other elements inside, but you won't be able to open them. For that, you'll need the help of Clint the Pelican Town blacksmith, who will be able to break them for you. So in this guide, we will talk about geodes and how to get them.

Collecting in the mines

At the beginning of the game, the mines will be closed, but you will be able to find geodes by fishing until you can use the mines that will be unlocked on the 5th of spring and that is when you can start mining work. Inside the mine, you are more likely to find geodes, but in the same way inside the mines, you will also find monsters that you must kill before they kill you.

In the mines, you will find different monsters, but you will find one that when you kill you can find geodes and this is "the digger", who hides under the ground and comes out to attack you, by being able to kill him you will not only get 10 experience points, but they can also give you one of several resources, with a 25% chance of being a geode.

Stardew Valley: what are geodes and how to get them

Once you have obtained the geodes, you must go to Clint's blacksmith shop, who will break the geodes in two and thus be able to find different resources within them, among which are artifacts such as the dwarf helmet that will protect you from the debris when you are in the mine, terrestrial crystal, minerals such as alamite, calcite, celestite, granite, among others.

But that or that's all because it is also possible to get other resources such as stones, coal, iron ore, and copper ore.