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Stardew Valley: what is the manufacturing process

 In this new section we bring you one of the activities perhaps considered most important within the game and it is the creation or manufacture of a new object, which will greatly benefit us to advance faster in the tasks that we must perform within the game. farm.

To be able to carry out any type of manufacturing, we are going to need the entire set of ingredients that are essential for its preparation, something like a cooking recipe.

What is the manufacturing process like in Stardew Valley?

It is known that when starting the game in Stardew Valley, the player starts with 8 recipes that can be manufactured, following the steps determined for each of them, and must necessarily acquire skills to be able to unlock the following ones.

To be able to access the manufacturing menu, we pause the game and access the hammer icon, if we are missing any ingredient the recipes will appear in gray so they cannot be manufactured, but those that we can do will appear in color respectively.

Going over each of the recipes you will see a mini menu where it tells us what ingredients or objects are necessary for its manufacture, and in turn, the different ingredients that we have in our inventory will appear in red.

Stardew Valley: what is the manufacturing process

When you already have all the necessary ingredients to make an object, all you have to do is enter the icon and the object will automatically be made and it will appear under the player's cursor to be added to the inventory and thus expanding the manufacturing page.

Most of the manufacturing recipes can be acquired by leveling up any type of skill, also if we buy them from vendors, or if we receive them as a gift from some villagers.