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Thymesia Brew Hermes Response and unlock Good Ending - Game Guide

 As you near the end of Thymesia, protagonist Corvus should have regained all of his memories and Princess Aisemy will ask you one last question. She wants to know the ingredients of Hermes' answer to stop the progression of the plague once and for all. But which ingredients are the right ones and how do you recognize them? In this guide, we present you with all the endings that you can reach with different answer options.

Thymesia Brew Hermes Response and unlock Good Ending - Game Guide

Brew the Hermes answer

All you need to unlock the conditions for all possible endings in Thymesia is the hearts of all bosses. You can easily get these hearts by defeating the bosses in battle. This means that you not only have to successfully complete the main missions, but also all side quests.

Two bad endings, a neutral ending, and a good ending can be unlocked in Thymesia. However, you will not experience the effects of your decisions via video sequence - instead, only short text passages tell how the Hermes answer you have brewed will affect the future.

The hearts of the bosses

SPOILER WARNING: If you want to reach the end of Thymesia without spoilers, you should read no further. Below we go into more detail about the bosses and give you the solutions for each ending.





sea ​​of ​​trees

Black Heart

fool god

Sea of ​​trees - god of fools

Black Heart

sound of hell

Royal Garden - Underground Laboratory

Black Heart

Mutated Odur

Sea of ​​Trees - Mutated Odur

fused heart

The hanging queen

Royal Garden

fused heart


Hermes Fortress

Pure heart


Fortress of Hermes - side quest 1

Pure heart

If you have Hearts in your possession, you can speak to Aisemy on Philosopher's Hill or Emerald (hidden in various areas). They tell you more about the hearts. This will give you the information you need to brew the Hermes Answer.

Unlock all endings

After the final boss fight, Aisemy is certain that Corvus has regained all forgotten memories, so he should know the recipe for Hermes' answer. Your last task is to choose two hearts that you want to combine - the order doesn't matter. You can see which combinations have which effects in the following table:




bad ending

Pure Heart + Merged or Black Heart

A chaotic force is eating away at the entire land, turning some organisms into monsters while healing other monsters.

Bad ending (2

Two Black Hearts

The spread of the plague is stopped, but the people are transformed into something unrecognizable grotesque.

neutral ending

Two Pure Hearts

The pain and suffering fade away as the creatures of the land perish. However, the power-seekers are growing in number and want control of the alchemical science. Corvus and Aisemy leave the country.

Good end

Two fused hearts

All those who gained powers from alchemy lose them again and the land is full of ordinary people again. Though Hermes is safe for now, the threat of the plague still looms, so Aisemy resumes her research.

If you want to reach all the endings, you can continue the game after completing Thymesia and defeat the final boss again. You can then choose a new recipe.