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Thymesia Royal Garden - Side Quest 1: Find the key to the underground laboratory - Game Guide

 If you have completed the main quest in the royal garden in the action role-playing game Thymesia, you can complete the first side quest there. The goal is simple: find the key to the underground laboratory. But where is this key? In this guide, we will tell you the answer.

Find the key to the underground laboratory

In order to get the key to the underground laboratory, you must first reach the second throne of souls, where you can increase your character level, for example. Then follow the path to a large, open area where you will be confronted by a mini-boss with two one-handed swords.

To defeat him, we recommend you act defensively. Your opponent is able to launch multiple attacks in direct succession. Successful parries can reduce his life bar. Use claw attacks in the gaps between his attack chains and knock him down to get the key to the greenhouse upstairs.

Find the key to the underground laboratory

After that, you can use the Soul Throne to refill your potions. Defeated mini-bosses will not respawn after using the throne. You will find a garden gate near his former location, which you can open using the Greenhouse Upstairs Key. Run up the stairs and hit your way through the book gallery.

Another mini-boss awaits you here, reminiscent of a ghost with a cape and hood and not least because of his floating state. Try to eliminate all other opponents in the area before you blindly go into a duel with him. The mini-boss has a lot on the box.

You will receive the key to the library elevator, which is essential for further progress. On a table, you will find the next useful item: the key to the greenhouse elevator. Defeat the ground gunner and take the elevator behind him to unlock a shortcut with the newly acquired item.

Now return to the starting point near the first throne of souls. Here you will find the elevator to the library, not far from the first opponents you will face as part of the side mission. Two more mini-bosses await you here. The latter has the key to the underground laboratory. Now all you have to do is open the gate to the laboratory, which is very close to the second throne of souls.