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Thymesia Walkthrough Tips - How to Parry, Farm XP, Shards and More

 Important tips and tricks for passing the game: parries, dodges, experience, fragments, talents, weapons, and more

Thymesia is a dynamic action game that does not forgive mistakes. To turn into a real plague doctor, you will have to learn all the basics on your own or read our basic Thymesia guide. The information below is vital to successfully completing the game, and defeating bosses and common enemies.

Before moving on to tips and tricks, I emphasize that it is very important for you to carefully go through the game tutorial, which will analyze many small mechanics, including parry. Only after you understand the basics, start learning the additional abilities and talents of Corvus.

Thymesia Walkthrough Tips - How to Parry, Farm XP, Shards and More

White and blue health

Thymesia uses a unique health system where you have to deplete two separate bars before you can defeat any opponent. First, the white health bar is depleted by weapon damage (such as attacks with daggers or most types of plague weapons) as well as reflection. Dealing damage with a weapon accumulates wounds on the enemy, which are reflected in the form of a blue health bar.

Wounds ("blue health") are depleted by claw damage (claw attacks and only some plague weapons). You will not be able to execute the enemy until you empty the entire blue bar. And if you're not fast enough to deal the right amount of damage with your claws, the wounds will start to heal and the white bar will regenerate. The whole process will have to start all over again.

Farm Skill Shards

Skill Shards are a special material used to unlock abilities and upgrade Plague Weapons. They drop from higher-level enemies, most of which do not respawn while resting at the Lighthouse. To farm the right shard, figure out which level will give you the fastest access to the enemy you're looking for. Then load that level, kill the enemy, return to the Lighthouse and repeat the process. In my experience, devastating enemies (using a fully charged claw attack) increase the chance of dropping shards.

How to level up fast (farm experience)

Even though you've already reached the maximum talent points at level 25, you can still level up Corvus. For each level, you will have to sacrifice 10,400 memory points. There are two options for a successful and fast farming experience, and both are discussed below.

Sea of ​​Trees 3 (God of Fools Boss Level): In this level, you fight the God of Fools boss, but the whole thing is like an obstacle course that will allow you to earn 2000 experience points. You need to get past a few enemies and poison sacs while dodging the boss's attacks, but if you're only interested in experience points, you can just run past them all to get to the end in just under 2 minutes. You can even use the Miasma Plague Weapon (dropped by Odur) to speed up the dash animation and complete the level even faster. Thanks to this, you will earn 4000 experience points, without any battles!

Sea of ​​Trees 5 (Mutated Odur boss level): Alternatively, if you're strong enough, go to the Mutated Odur boss. He only has one health bar and you don't have to go through the whole level. The whole level is one big boss fight. He is easy to defeat with a fully upgraded bow and other plague weapons. And you will earn just over 6000 experience points memories in 1-2 minutes. Also, even if you die, spawn right next to the boss room.

Be careful and use the block

Thymesia, like many soul-like games, has a lot of screamers. Throughout your journey, you will encounter enemies hiding in corners, lying or sitting on the floor, waiting for you around corners. Although this trick will not allow you to detect and avoid absolutely all hiding enemies, use it: press the lock key as often as possible, especially when exploring new areas. The levels are winding, so most of the time you won't see what's ahead of you. And blocking is the best way to keep yourself out of trouble.

Destroy barriers, buckets, barrels, and crates

There are many wooden objects in Thymesia. Try to attack and destroy each of them. You will be able to break a lot of decorations, and some useful items are almost always hidden in wooden boxes and barrels. In some cases, an enemy with an ax will be hidden inside, but sometimes it will be new items or slices.

Don't be afraid to walk in circles

As soon as you appear in a new region, be sure to start your journey with exploration. There are almost always multiple routes in Thymesia, and the levels can get incredibly confusing if you don't study them carefully and memorize them. Among other things, the game has many cuts that will make it easier to re-pass in the event of the death of Corvus. The easiest way to find them all is to remember where you've already been and follow new routes that lead back in the same direction. Thanks to this, you will find doors to open or stairs to knock down. The latter serve as slices and will simplify the next passage.

Experiment with talents for free

As you level up in Thymesia, you will unlock talent points. They can be used to modify Corvus, who can specialize in claw attacks, certain types of evasion, or the return of health through certain moves. However, the most important thing is that you can switch between them as much as you want without spending anything. Thus, the game does not put you in front of a choice and does not force you to give up one thing for the other. This is what makes it different from most action role-playing games because if you don't like how something works, you can replace that element.

Long claw for bosses, short claw for exploration

Surely you yourself will deal with the preferred type of weapon. However, we do have some advice regarding the claws of Corvus. When upgrading your claw attack with talents, you have two options. Either a long claw attack that does a lot of damage and can make enemies bleed or a short claw attack that is incredibly fast and makes you stronger and allows you to restore health points with each hit. In our experience, the long claw is an extremely useful weapon against bosses who often have more super armor than standard opponents and will not be hit by short claw attacks, and the bleeding effect from long claws allows you to keep DPS at a high level. Meanwhile, the short claw attack, and in particular its ability to heal you, comes up against standard enemies.

Ability Predator Claw

Continuing the talk about claws, pay attention to the Predator Claw ability. It will allow you to steal Plague Weapons, usable by any foe you hit with this skill. The skill also does a lot of damage, but one of the coolest perks is that you can occasionally use it to knock shards of plague weapons out of enemies. They can be used to unlock and upgrade new Plague Weapons that will greatly change your playstyle. As such, use Predator Claw as often as possible to boost your secondary attacks.

You can reset skills after the first boss

While you can change your talents at any time, you can't do it freely with character levels. However, once you defeat the first boss, you will unlock the ability to redistribute attribute points with one specific item. These items are pretty rare so don't overdo it with experimentation, but it's a good chance to tweak your build once you get familiar with the game and figure out what you're missing.

How to Parry

Thymesia is an incredibly fast-paced RPG that constantly pits you against powerful enemies, and the only way to get through all of these challenges is to master every defensive tool. You'll learn the dodge system fairly easily, but most enemies are so aggressive that it's best to parry them.

In this regard, Thymesia differs from other action games. While you still need to time your parry correctly, you can do it in two different ways. Each option is suitable for different situations. You will be able to change both types of evasion, unlocking new talents as you level up. It is very important to thoroughly study each of the options.

The first type of parry more or less meets your expectations. You press the L1 button or RMB to make Corvus raise his dagger and be able to repel the attack. You can press the button quickly to, with some luck, deflect some of the series of attacks. But to accurately reflect faster or more specific combos, you need to match the button press to the incoming hits.

The only attack you can't parry is Unblockable Red Hits, but they are rarely used by enemies, only in the later stages of the game.

In addition, you can use talent points to gain the ability to use a defensive stance instead of a parry. While it won't protect against all incoming damage, it will greatly reduce the amount of damage and make the game more accessible for those who can't time their parries properly.

Second option

Another option for parrying attacks in Thymesia involves the use of feathers. And by default, you only have three. On the other hand, they recover over time. By pressing L2 or the desired key on the keyboard, you can only reflect those attacks during which the enemy is highlighted in green. You need to time and activate the trick before the enemy reaches you with his weapon. It is difficult to train on real opponents, but during the training mission, you will be able to practice a little in actions.

You can also modify this parry to make it more aggressive or get even more feathers to use at the same time. You can also unlock new parry styles through talents. The Step and Jump talent will allow you to dodge green attacks in order to jump up and counter the enemy from the air.