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Tips for Fishing in Stardew Valley

 A few days after starting the Stardew Valley game, Willy, who is the town's fisherman, will give you a bamboo fishing rod that you can use anywhere there is water. At the beginning, you must increase your fishing skill to be able to catch better fish and for this, it is important to fish for a long time during the day and then go to sleep. Since many things will be unlocked at level 2.

How to start being a good fisherman?

For successful fishing, it is important to keep in mind that the fish must be above the green bar of the fishing rod. Reaching level 2 in Willy's shop will unlock a fiberglass rod that allows you to use bait and you can make this with insect meat that you get in the mines or buy it in Willy's shop.

When you get to level 3 of fishing, the crab trap is unlocked and can be bought or created. Crab traps can be used in any water source, you just have to leave them there and introduce bait, and the next day you will find what you find fish. At level 5, the game will make you choose a profession if you want to be a trapper and/or a fisherman.

Tips for Fishing in Stardew Valley

By reaching level 6 you can buy the best fishing tools, such as the iridium rod. In fishing, prize chests can appear using it and the cork trap so that the fish do not escape so quickly. It is important to keep in mind that if you win the chest and not the fish when fishing, you will not get the chest.

It is also important that you keep in mind that there are several fishing objects, so try to choose the best.