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Tower of Fantasy Change and insert food - Game Guide

 You won't be able to avoid eating something every now and then in Tower of Fantasy. There's a lot to choose from, but it's not immediately obvious how you can change the food for the quick cast. You can find the answer in our short guide.

Tower of Fantasy Change and insert food - Game Guide

This is how you use your food

After you have cooked numerous dishes with recipes, you naturally want to eat them if necessary. You have two options for this:

  • You open your backpack in the menu overview and select "Cooking". All your dishes and ingredients are listed here. Choose the dish you want to eat and click on "use".
  • You can use the quick cast to consume the equipped food directly. To eat the dish, you can either click on the icon or press "F2". If you're playing with a controller, "R3" is the hotkey for it.

Open a quick menu and change the food

Now all you have to do is know how to change the equipped food. After you have eaten something, there is a cooldown. In difficult fights, you naturally want to equip a dish that heals a lot of LP, otherwise, the long cooldown will be fatal to you.

  • To unfold the quick deployment menu you need to click on the double arrow icon that you see above the food icon. If you're playing on a PC, you have to hold down the left Alt key to make the cursor appear. Then click on the double arrow.
  • The meal overview will then be displayed and you can choose a dish. If you want more information about the dishes, click on a dish with the mouse and hold down the left mouse button. This is how you learn the effects of the dishes so that you can quickly equip the right food.
  • Finally, click the double arrow icon again to close the quick deployment menu.