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Tower of Fantasy Change channel and what it brings - Game Guide

 If you want to play Tower of Fantasy online with your friends, then not only the server is important, but also the channel. In this guide, we will therefore explain how you change the channel and what the consequences are.

Tower of Fantasy Change channel and what it brings - Game Guide

What is a channel and why is it important?

In Tower of Fantasy, a server has many channels. A channel is like a server within a server. When playing with friends on a server, you may not see each other since you are not on the same channel. You must therefore change the channel and make sure that all your fellow players have the same attitude.

But there can also be benefits to changing channels when you're not playing with friends. For example, if there are many unknown players on a channel who are currently fighting a boss, you can benefit from this. Also, jump into the fight to make defeating the boss easier.

On the other hand, if too many players are on the same channel, the game may lag . It can then help to change the channel, which will hopefully have fewer players active.

This is how you change the channel

Don't worry, it's easy to change channels in-game. The menu for this only appears very inconspicuously on the screen.

  • At the top left of the screen is the channel you're playing on. To bring up the channel menu, you have to click on it with the cursor.

  • In the channel menu, you have to click on the number field and enter your desired channel. It must be a two-digit number.
  • Confirm your input by clicking on "Okay". Finally, after a loading screen, you successfully change the channel.

You cannot switch channels as often as you like. If you enter the channel menu after switching, you will be shown a cooldown of 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes are up, you can change the channel again.